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you havent seen her for a while, so heres dd3 [grin]

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misdee Sat 27-May-06 13:44:29

looking thoughtful

JanH Sat 27-May-06 13:46:00

Looking like her daddy too!

neena28 Sat 27-May-06 13:46:57

So pretty, those eyes are amazing!

misdee Sat 27-May-06 13:47:23

she doesnt look like me at all!

schneebly Sat 27-May-06 13:47:46

She is very like Peter! Wow!

misdee Sat 27-May-06 20:17:30


tortoise Sat 27-May-06 20:18:32

Huge eyes,lovely.

MrsDoolittle Sat 27-May-06 20:43:44

I've only seen Peters photo last night but her eyes are so similar.
Beautiful misdee.

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