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It's an escapee I tell thee!!!

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DullBoot Wed 24-May-06 20:26:06

Hi there,

Found you all today after spending a bit of time trawling the net trying to get over my latest drama.

My DD1 has been getting more and more difficult to settle into her cot for her nap...well, my quiet time Anyway, today she decided that she didn't want a clothie on before she went to sleep and wanted a disposable.

Fine, not a problem... hour and a half later I went into her room and was hit with the stench! Where her head should be was her feet, and a pair of turds.

She was sparko...I'm not sure if it was a pure sleep or if she had knocked herself out from the stench.

I'm still trying to recover from having to pick up the turds and disposing of them

Nice to meet you all anyway and hope that I can find my little niche here. I've also got a 3 month old DD.

itiswednesdayevening Wed 24-May-06 20:29:00

Hello Dullboot and welcome

Gloworm Wed 24-May-06 20:34:46


and hello

DullBoot Wed 24-May-06 20:49:01

Thanks for the being booted off the puter now as DH is wanting Quality Time...the cheek I tell you!


kipper22 Thu 25-May-06 10:10:26

prbably the most memorable member profile I've read!

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