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BigHotMama's 4d scan pic

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BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 15:10:28

Hope this works! Here's my little baba.

YellowFeathers Tue 16-May-06 15:12:52

Well done!

Awww little sleeping baby

BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 15:15:53

Yeahhhh! I did try to get more than the one but it hasnt worked, can I add another pic or do I have to start a new thread again?

BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 15:18:26

Thanks for your help NBG!

sweetkitty Tue 16-May-06 15:27:49

aww mega cute

Now my DD2 is here she does actually look like her scan pic same cute little nose

Do you know the sex?

Esmummy Tue 16-May-06 15:28:59

Aww i so badly want one of those but an scared i'll see something i shouldn't. Really don't want to know the sex before the baby arrives.
It looks fab

BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 15:57:19

I didnt find out the sex although I was very very tempted but DH said big fat 'NO!' Think it may be a boy but cant be sure.
We were both so nervous incase we saw something we didnt want to, but at the end of the day we love our little baba no matter what and just went for it, definately worth every penny!
Baba has got my big cheeks and little pug nose lol.

hotmama Tue 16-May-06 15:59:09

Aah cutie!

biglips Tue 16-May-06 15:59:09

so the 4D is the moving picture?

Chloe55 Tue 16-May-06 17:05:29

Yeah! See - told you it was worth it

Esmummy Tue 16-May-06 17:12:45

How many weeks are you BHM?

BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 18:02:23

I'm 28 weeks now Esmummy and had it done at the weekend. It was so lovely being able to watch the baba on the screen as the sonographer who did our 20 week scan rushed us in and out so we felt bit let down afterwards, when your paying they are extra extra nice and make you feel special!
Biglips, think the 4d scan is a moving picture and the 3d is a still image. Had 20 mins on dvd and 16 still images on CD rom.
I wish I could have it done every week lol!

Chloe55 Tue 16-May-06 18:15:33

Did he/she do anything funny? Mine scratched his bum, gave us the bird and picked his nose for us.

BigHotMama Tue 16-May-06 18:30:30

Haha how funny! Our baba enjoyed picking its nose too, and Dh embarassed me by saying 'takes after his mom'! We also saw baba yawning, sucking thumb, sort of smiled a little and I'm sure I saw him swallow fluid and spit it back out? Can that happen? Our first 4d shot he was hiding his face with his arms as if he knew we were watching.

Arabica Wed 17-May-06 13:25:56

That's a beautiful baby you've got in there!

BigHotMama Wed 17-May-06 13:50:06

Ah thanks Arabica, I'm in love with him/her already.

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