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Debbsy's 12 week scan picture

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Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 14:18:42

Im sure you all agree baby is beautiful measuring 9.7cm and is already the apple of mum and dads eye xxx
We are so so proud and happy xx

Marina Tue 16-May-06 14:22:46

must have been a fantastic moment for you both Debbsy

staceym11 Tue 16-May-06 15:05:59

thats great debbsy!! so glad for you!

Cadmum Tue 16-May-06 15:22:56


I just really cannot stop feeling elated for you! I am ever so pleased that things are going smoothly.

pussycatmomma Tue 16-May-06 15:25:24

On behalf of all us girlies on the "Hoping for a positive...." ttc threads, i wanna say "CONGRATULATIONS!!!"
am really pleased for you Debbsy, you must be feeling overjoyed
(((((hugs)))))))))pusscat x x

Esmummy Tue 16-May-06 15:26:33

Aww lovely Debbsy
I've got mine tomorrow so fingers crossed

biglips Tue 16-May-06 15:26:40

awww!!! congrats xx is this your first?

Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 15:37:14

ahh cadmum (((HUGS))) and it was with all of your support that we got there.
Thanks ladies its fab isnt it.
Biglips yes its our first after 2 years of ttc.
Ahh pussycat thankyou thats lovely

Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 15:37:44

all the very best of luck esmummy xxxx

biglips Tue 16-May-06 15:40:18

awwwww!! as i remembered when you were in shock when you found out you was pg - all the best! (and i bet you cant stop staring at that photo - hee hee!)

Munz Tue 16-May-06 16:53:27


so please you finally got to see your bean, well done hon!

HumphreysCorner Tue 16-May-06 18:54:17


Sooooooooo pleased for you hun.


cupcakes Tue 16-May-06 18:56:10

I'm so glad the scan went well for you.

hulababy Tue 16-May-06 19:21:46

Glad all went well. Lovely picture.

Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 19:46:57

thank you everyone for all comments i want to keep this thread for ever as its truly lovely.

blueteddy Tue 16-May-06 19:59:28

Message withdrawn

spinamum Tue 16-May-06 20:09:34

congrats Debbsy. Adorable apple. it must be so lovely to have visual evidence!!! I can't wait for my scan (whenever it will be!!!)

Debbsy Tue 16-May-06 20:14:51

i know he or she is spinasmum tee hee hers hoping your scan is very soon so you can feel the joy that i do.

Frizbe Tue 16-May-06 21:23:27

fab pic Debbsy, so happy for you!

Piffle Tue 16-May-06 21:23:44

great pics debbsy am so happy for you

Maddison Tue 16-May-06 21:29:21

Aww that's a lovely clear pic Debbsy!

I remember reading some of your posts about how much you wanted a child, I'm so pleased that it's finally happening for you

Debbsy Wed 17-May-06 07:36:03

dont want this thread to disappear so will keep posting on it.Can everyone see my baby????

Debbsy Wed 17-May-06 07:36:59

thank you maddison i know it still feels like a dream come true.

gigglinggoblin Wed 17-May-06 07:52:16

i love your baby threads debbsy, you sound like a kid on xmas eve, is really lovely

congrats on the baby, very beautiful

trace2 Wed 17-May-06 08:43:05

oww debbsy, its so real now take care and enjoy

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