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Im 'nearly' new!

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Novacane Fri 12-May-06 23:21:40

Hiya Guys!

Not been here for a long long time and was more a lurker than a poster, but have decided to take the plunge and say Hi.
Im Mum to Ds, who was 2 in April and we live in North Yorkshire. I'm a full time Mum/ part time ambulance technician/ full time slave!

Have been very entertained by the goings on the last couple of days (yumsymumsy, you are my hero).

DS is gorgeous, adorable, yadda, yadda, but is STILL AWAKE. Ive just come in from work and he is in his cot quite happily talking to himself in babble. Ive got no idea why. DP has 'crossed his heart and hope to die' that he hasn't given him chocolate tonight..... Hmmmmmmm


Kidstrack Fri 12-May-06 23:25:40

Hi Nova, welcome to Mumsnet, i used to be a lurker too but have happily posted for over a year now! I have a ds nearly 7 and a dd nearly 3

Tortington Sat 13-May-06 00:21:37

your name rings a bell welcome back, have fun its kicking off all over the place.

waterfalls Sat 13-May-06 00:28:59

Well Novacane, Hope you realise that now you have posted, only rehab can save ya

waterfalls Sat 13-May-06 00:30:08

I would be tucked up in my bed now, getting some much needed sleep if it was'nt for MN

Surfermum Sat 13-May-06 00:59:41

Hello and welcome. Just get stuck in. I have lost of firends who are ambulance techs. Sorry about the typings Ilve been on a meet up. Mumsnet is a good palace. You know you will never have a clean house ever, ever again now doncha? (DOncha as per the pussycat dolls)

Novacane Sat 13-May-06 01:01:46

Ivebeen working till 10.30 ish and still havent wound down so yes im still up too. Had a hectic, wierd shift. The bottle of red DP bought me is definately helping tho!


Novacane Sat 13-May-06 01:03:45

LOL surfer...
my house isnt clean anyway!
too busy saving lives you know lmao......

Surfermum Sat 13-May-06 01:04:35

Where are you? You don't ahve to say if you don't want to - that's cool!

Novacane Sat 13-May-06 01:05:34


Surfermum Sat 13-May-06 01:08:25

Long way from me then! I'm in Poole. The techies I nkow are nin Boournemouth. Very lovely peo[p[le and very lovelyr job they do. They train us sometimes and we get gfvery gory slides shown to us (we're lifeguards). HOep you can make sense fo this. My fingeres ware going a bti wieirdy.

Tortington Sat 13-May-06 01:09:31

theres a northern meet up planned for june novo

Tortington Sat 13-May-06 01:09:39


Tortington Sat 13-May-06 01:12:03


Novacane Sat 13-May-06 01:14:28

whereabout custardo?

Tortington Sat 13-May-06 01:16:34


have bumped the thread for you - its in the meet up section - click "last hour" and it will appear

Novacane Sat 13-May-06 01:25:17

Had a look sounds good- but havent been out to a bar for over a yea- god do I sound sad or what! What with working and being the epitomise of domesticity, ive rarely found the time for a quick one at the local pub!! (ay ay, careful!)

Now what on earth would I wear [thinks]

EmmyLou Sat 13-May-06 17:52:25

Hi Nova - I'm new to this too. Live in village near wetherby with 3 dds. Felt too vouyeristic 'listening in' so started to post. Sorta gets addictive doesn't it.

Northerner Sat 13-May-06 18:00:13

Hi Nova, I'm in Harrogate too and hopefully off to the meet up, we could go together if you're up for it?.....

FrannyandZooey Sat 13-May-06 18:52:17

Welcome Nova

Kiss goodbye to your life

In 6 months you will have vague memories of a husband and child, but will more often be found in a quiet corner muttering about norks and parping

zippitippitoes Sat 13-May-06 18:53:12

Hi Nova I lived in harrogate once

fullmoonfish Sat 13-May-06 18:56:31

Hi Nova, I'm in your neck of the woods too! Welcome

NingNangTakethat Sat 13-May-06 18:57:01

Hiya Nova!

Will be moving up to Northallerton in a couple of weeks hopefully.

Harrogate is a lovely place.

Novacane Sat 13-May-06 19:38:07

Wow a few people from round 'ere! hello to everyone and thankyou for the warm welcome. I chastised DP for moving the PC into the lounge in the week, but hey im getting used to it!
trouble is, ive been on it more than him hmmmm


Surfermum Sat 13-May-06 20:02:03

Evening Novacane! I am a lot more sober than last night and nursing a monster hangover.

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