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Venture style photo done in Photoshop

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WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 13:25:51

As discussed on the Venture thread. Dh said I could put it up if I take it off again sharpish so it'll disappear in a minute!

Spagblog Sat 25-Mar-06 19:53:37

please please pleeeeeease

pouty bottom lip and hang dog expression!

SleepySuzy Sat 25-Mar-06 20:01:07

Come on, WWW!!!

MeggLeVache Sat 25-Mar-06 20:30:53

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 12:56:46

Afternoon all, dd up again for a minute! Happy Mothers Day to everyone.

Prufrock Sun 26-Mar-06 13:04:35

Oh she is so gorgeous. She has your eyes as well. Thank you v. much

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:07:13

Thank you Prufrock, it's some random child dressed as Darth Vader again now!

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:38:56


WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:40:43

Are you there now Spag?

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:42:27


WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:02

Ok here it is

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:33

Did you see it?

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:38

Oh excellent! Well worth waiting impatiently for!
She's a cutie!

MeggLeVache Sun 26-Mar-06 17:40:25

Message withdrawn

popsycalindisguise Sun 26-Mar-06 19:22:06

bugger - missed it again.....

care to share the secret of how to ddo it???

cod Mon 27-Mar-06 09:24:38

Message withdrawn

skate8 Thu 01-Nov-07 19:59:26

Oh no - I have just ordered 3 picture 8" x 10" and it is costing us £450. Anyone know how I can get out of the order - guess it is legally binding. Only ordered it on monday and I am really regreting spending the money.

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