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Venture style photo done in Photoshop

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WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 13:25:51

As discussed on the Venture thread. Dh said I could put it up if I take it off again sharpish so it'll disappear in a minute!

paolosgirl Sat 25-Mar-06 13:27:41

She's lovely

blueteddy Sat 25-Mar-06 13:30:12

That looks just like a venture picture!
Gorgeous little girl you have there.

Hulababy Sat 25-Mar-06 13:32:44

That is fab! She is lovely

lockets Sat 25-Mar-06 13:34:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 13:34:47

Oh I know lockets, it's just such a rip off imo!

lockets Sat 25-Mar-06 13:37:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Filyjonk Sat 25-Mar-06 13:40:03

I can't bloody stand that Venture crap.

But I think yours is actually quite nice, WWW. Seems a bit less identikit.

I mean, you could save several hundred pounds through this faffing about on photoshop. Thats a week's wages for me (were I still working).

Out of interest, did you take the photo against a white background, or use any special equipment ?

Flossam Sat 25-Mar-06 13:41:10

i did see it but the site wouldn't let me post! WWW she is gorgeous and dh is obviously very good with cameras!!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 14:54:52

Thanks for all the lovely comments. It was taken by a friend of mine who is training to be a photographer, against a white sheet in a room in her house and then dh Photoshopped it, he's a ace on Photoshop, shall I show you ds as a Jedi?

Filyjonk Sat 25-Mar-06 14:56:03

Ah, so it took some additional skills....hmm, don't really have any of those....

Flossam Sat 25-Mar-06 15:03:52

Yes, That sounds intrigueing WWW!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:08:02

Here you go! It was part of an invite for his birthday.

Hulababy Sat 25-Mar-06 15:12:29

Oh wow! That is amazing!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:13:54

It says 'join the dark side and together we can rule the galaxy. Episide viii (he was 8!) and the date' how lovely that he wanted to be a dark side Jedi

LadyTophamHatt Sat 25-Mar-06 15:14:52

ohhhh WWW that is FAB, any star wars fan would love that

(can I have a quick little peek at your DD's???)

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:15:37

Ok is now some kid in a Darth Vader outfit! Dh has done some fab cards and invitations for ds's parties. For the last one everyone got sent home with a picture of them as a Jedi - he took photos of them as they came in and Photoshopped them before they went. Nothing like working under pressure of a load of 8yos!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:16:01

OK LTH, putting dd up again for a second! Hang on!

LadyTophamHatt Sat 25-Mar-06 15:17:59

OMG...WWW that is Fan-Bloody-Tastic!!! and she is gorgeous

And I love the jedi photo thing for all the party guests....can i come to your Ds's next party??

LadyTophamHatt Sat 25-Mar-06 15:20:49

Our 1 venture photo of dS3 is exactly like that.

Honestly....I stunned at it. Your Dh is a talented fella, ain't he?!?!?

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:21:15

You and your 3 boys would be most welcome LTH! Don't know what the theme will be next year, dh does do a wonderful job of making amazing cards (i.e. ds photoshopped onto Michael Owen's body, scoring an amazing goal) and invitations and souvenirs. For his 7th, which was a football party, he photoshopped all the guests' heads onto the entire England team and they each had one to take home. It was cool!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:21:49

He is very talented, thank you LTH!

Flossam Sat 25-Mar-06 15:24:48

aww Bless. DP impressed. I can see plans afoot for poor DS already....

LadyTophamHatt Sat 25-Mar-06 15:38:40

who said anything about the ds's coming???
I want to be a Jedi

MeggLeVache Sat 25-Mar-06 15:42:22

Message withdrawn

sanchpanch Sat 25-Mar-06 15:45:19

has the other photo had its time now, or can we see,
loving the jedi

cod Sat 25-Mar-06 17:06:41

Message withdrawn

CarolineLaLune Sat 25-Mar-06 17:51:27

do the venture one again pleeeeeeease [whiny-face emoticon]

collision Sat 25-Mar-06 18:03:26

missed it. post again cos i am signed up with venture next week and might cancel it!

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 18:53:16

Is anyone here now who wants to see it again? Post if so and I'll put dd up again for a second or 2

sanchpanch Sat 25-Mar-06 18:54:36

yes would love to see it thanks

alexsmum Sat 25-Mar-06 18:57:13

yes do it!

Prufrock Sat 25-Mar-06 18:57:20

Yes please

tamaman Sat 25-Mar-06 18:58:37

Oh, me too please (tamum in French disguise lest you think I am a weirdy stalker)

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 18:58:52

Ok here you go

tamaman Sat 25-Mar-06 18:59:09

Wow, that's gorgeous, she's just lovely

SorenDeLorensen Sat 25-Mar-06 18:59:34

Oh that's a gorgeous picture, www

SorenDeLorensen Sat 25-Mar-06 18:59:52

Hasn't she got lovely eyes?

sanchpanch Sat 25-Mar-06 18:59:57

how beautiful is that, is that taken on normal camera?

what is photoshop,

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 19:00:13

Hey Prufrock THANKY OU for article, dh keeps saying 'what was it, what was it?' (it was a review of the Forbury Hotel for anyone else reading)

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 19:00:48

Taken on posh digital camera owned by photographer friend and thendoctored by dh.

sanchpanch Sat 25-Mar-06 19:00:59

sorry meant how beautiful is she not that.....

WigWamBam Sat 25-Mar-06 19:05:24

She's gorgeous, and the photograph is stunning.

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Mar-06 19:05:35

And here's the Jedi invitation for anyone who wants to see it!

Prufrock Sat 25-Mar-06 19:14:18

Aaaaghh -missed it. bloomin kids, wanting my attention - really! can you repost just for me?

Ds is gorgeous btw

LadyTophamHatt Sat 25-Mar-06 19:17:42

I know I've already said it but that is just soooo cool!
I am so impressed.

SleepySuzy Sat 25-Mar-06 19:43:53




That is fantastic, can he do one for me?

Spagblog Sat 25-Mar-06 19:46:50

Awwww, general whinging and foot stomping.
I missed the venture style one again
grump grump grump

popsycalindisguise Sat 25-Mar-06 19:51:30

post it again...

beansprout Sat 25-Mar-06 19:52:16

Go on, go on, go on....

Spagblog Sat 25-Mar-06 19:53:37

please please pleeeeeease

pouty bottom lip and hang dog expression!

SleepySuzy Sat 25-Mar-06 20:01:07

Come on, WWW!!!

MeggLeVache Sat 25-Mar-06 20:30:53

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 12:56:46

Afternoon all, dd up again for a minute! Happy Mothers Day to everyone.

Prufrock Sun 26-Mar-06 13:04:35

Oh she is so gorgeous. She has your eyes as well. Thank you v. much

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:07:13

Thank you Prufrock, it's some random child dressed as Darth Vader again now!

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:38:56


WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:40:43

Are you there now Spag?

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:42:27


WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:02

Ok here it is

WideWebWitch Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:33

Did you see it?

Spagblog Sun 26-Mar-06 13:43:38

Oh excellent! Well worth waiting impatiently for!
She's a cutie!

MeggLeVache Sun 26-Mar-06 17:40:25

Message withdrawn

popsycalindisguise Sun 26-Mar-06 19:22:06

bugger - missed it again.....

care to share the secret of how to ddo it???

cod Mon 27-Mar-06 09:24:38

Message withdrawn

skate8 Thu 01-Nov-07 19:59:26

Oh no - I have just ordered 3 picture 8" x 10" and it is costing us £450. Anyone know how I can get out of the order - guess it is legally binding. Only ordered it on monday and I am really regreting spending the money.

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