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period pain in pregnancy

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dpind Thu 23-Mar-06 19:48:24

Hi Everyone....just joined mumsnet.
After some advice and reassurance if possible.
Just recently found out i am 9 wks pg after having a miscarriage last year. For the past 3 months i have been having period type pains which sometimes appear to be settle and then start up again. I have had no blood loss. Saw my midwife today and she states this can be quite normal as my womb is stretching. I have read lots of books but can't find this in them. Am I right to worry or has anyone else experienced similar pains and gone on to have a successful pg. I am due to have a abdo ultrasound on mon but am really anxious till then.
Any help would be greatly appreciated....please be honest.

spinach Thu 23-Mar-06 19:51:28

i have period pain in early pregnancy too... dull cramping... it is all the stretching and changes going on, don't worry.

7up Thu 23-Mar-06 20:50:57


7up Thu 23-Mar-06 20:52:27

hi dpind, welcome to mumsnet, sorry no advice, congrats on your pg though and hope someone can come on here and give you some reassurance

spidermama Thu 23-Mar-06 20:54:25

I always get pains like this in the first trimester, yes. (I've had four kids and two miscarriages) They can be quite strong. I believe they're called round ligament pains. It makes sense that your womb is stretching.

I know it;s really hard to relax when you're pg after having had a m/c though. Perhaps you'll be able to enjoy the pregnancy more in a month or so.

Good luck.

WharfRat Thu 23-Mar-06 20:55:22

Message withdrawn

spidermama Thu 23-Mar-06 20:56:18

Round ligament pain . Perhaps you could ask for an earlier scan if you want to put your mind at rest?

dpind Mon 27-Mar-06 18:34:33


Went for scan today and everything looks normal. Baby is correct size for my dates and had a good strong heartbeat. Period pain seems to be settling too. Hope this is a successful pregnancy this time around.
Thanks for all the reassuring messages

stoppinattwo Wed 12-Apr-06 05:11:12

Me too, got pains with both of mine, and each time it was quite early on, b4 12 weeks. Even though Id done test etc the first time i actually doubted i was pregnant because it felt so much like period pains. Try not to worry easy 4 me to say!!

dollbaby Sun 23-Jul-06 21:00:43

I have just found out im pregnant yesterday - according to an online calculator I will be 6weeks! I'm so as my partner and I have been trying for 2 years! Last week or so I have been getting pains very similar to period pains in my abdomen . . . . they seem to come on and off all day (not sharp - just dull) so I hope this is normal - going doctors tomorrow so hopefully he will put my mind at rest. x

peacemakerukuk Fri 22-Sep-06 10:45:57

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the board but found it after trying to find information about pain in early pregnancy. I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been having period pain type pains for the past 3 weeks i.e. I think from conception. It started with my normal mid-cycle type pain and hasn't stopped. I had a scan 2 days ago and no reason for the pain could be found but the embryo size was right for dates. Can I really be getting these pains i.e. stretching internally pains when I'm only 6 weeks? Thanks. Sue

becks82 Fri 24-Nov-06 15:17:25

I know all these posts were written earlier in the year but I thought this information I have just found might be helpful for anybody reading this.

"Sometimes pregnant women experience pains that are very similar to period pains. These may occur between the 4th to 6th week of pregnancy. Don't be alarmed as this is probably due to the placenta attaching itself to the wall of your uterus."

It helped put my mind at rest a bit. I am five weeks pregnant, early days but very excited. Good luck everyone. :0

Sledge Thu 24-May-07 13:30:07

I know it has been a year since someone posted a message on here, but I keep getting period pains too. They are all the time on and off and they come when I eat, or when I'm in bed. I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and quite concerned about it as I have never been pregnant before and I want everything to be ok! I find it reassuring that other mums to be have experienced this too, they should write more about experiences like these in magazines, my first midwife appointment is in 2 weeks and she might be able to put my mind at ease. I didn’t think I would feel lots of changes until I got a bump, but I have got back ache already and hip ache. I’m only 24, but feel really old at the moment as I have no energy. Sorry for moaning on, at least I haven’t started morning sickness yet!!!!!!!

squeakybub Thu 24-May-07 13:42:56

Message withdrawn

scrivey78 Tue 28-Aug-07 16:45:43

Ive been having these too on and off but have been reassureed by many that it is normal with womb stretching and baby settling in!!....Im nearly 12weeks but had miscarraige first timer ound so still a little wary of a=everything. scan at nine weeks was fine though just waiting for 12 wk which should hopefully be in next week or so. Good luck to everyone!!

tracy22 Tue 11-Sep-07 22:22:33

hi i also have period pains im about 5 weeks. went for scan last week n they said to early to see anything although she did measure something in the uterus. iv had 3 misscarages in past last 1 2 yrs ago. had no bleeding this time but do have a very slight pain i wouldnt even call it pain in my right side. im so scared wat they say tomorrow and im goin on hol tmz nite thanx every1 4 reading this n if any1 cud giv me there opinion x tracey x

Jennykin Sat 15-Sep-07 15:33:49

I am 7 weeks pregnant and have just had period pain style cramping in my lower abdomen for the second day running. I was really worried about it until I read some of the posts on this site. It's very reassuring to know that others are experienceing the same thing and that it's probably just due to the uterus stretching etc. As a first timer I'm really grateful that people have taken time out to put their experiences on the internet, it's helped calm my nerves.

HappyMoma Sat 27-Oct-07 22:37:54

I'm just 5 weeks pregnant and have had period-like pains for the past 2 weeks. I've found this page SOOOOO reassuring - 'seems I'm not the only one after all! Thank you.

I'm just veeery wary as this is my 4th pregnancy in the past year. I miscarried the first two both at 7 weeks and the third one, also 7 weeks, was ectopic. So here I am at 41 years 'old', (very old), firing on just one fallopian tube shock but this pregnancy feels different to those I miscarried (oh - I miscarried at 7 weeks about 10 years ago too). All the others I've had intermittent bleeding throughout but not this one :-) So I am hopeful. I 'feel' pregnant too - I didn't for the others.

BTW, I did have one successful pregnancy :-) ... but I had meningococcal meningitis in the first few weeks of that pregnancy shock When I came out of the coma, the doctors advised me to abort my baby saying that 'it' would be born 'a vegetable' or have serious learning disabilities. Believing in divine intervention I chose to reject their advice, ... and, lo and behold, the one they said I should abort is my beautiful, kind, loving, 17 year old daughter who just passed all her 10 GCSEs with As and A*s !!! ... so don't always blindly follow what the doctors say! hmm My advice is to follow your heart, your instinct and any other power you may believe in.

Enough preaching - I am now going to wait (impatiently) to get passed that fateful 7 weeks! And, if this little one's time is still not right, at least my partner and I have had the absolute joy of knowing that we've created a life between us. We love him/her to bits even if our time together is short. :-)

Yours hopefully ... One Happy Moma xx

marie28 Fri 07-Dec-07 11:31:12

I found out I was pregnant last week, im around 5/6 weeks gone. I also have been having these period pains and keep going to the toilet to check if I am bleeding! I had a miscarriage end of september and had similar pains so am a bit paranoid at the moment. Its a great relief to read that im not the only one with these period pains.
Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone
Marie xx

slsb Thu 27-Dec-07 13:29:40

Just wanted to add my own experience - like Marie, I'm 6 weeks gone and have been having these period pains... I also had a miscarriage in September! The pain was so bad that it woke me twice last night. Off to see the doctor next week, fingers crossed!

mandymama Thu 10-Jan-08 12:10:50


can anyone advise? Have had normal/regualar periods since having a 3 month depo shot last year following a cyst removal. My next period is not due for another 10 days but for the last 3 days I have had period like pains, very bloated tummy and some nausea. I did a pregnancy test a few days ago and it was neg. Silly really as too early. Could i be pregnant? or any other suggestions? please help!

Smillie Thu 10-Jan-08 14:19:27

Thanks everyone for these reassuring posts.
I'm 7 weeks pregnant, my third pregnancy. First one miscarried at 6 weeks, second was ectopic and like HappyMoma they had to take a tube out. I'm hoping this is third time lucky!

As the last two pregnancies didn't end well, I don't really know what a 'normal' pregnancy feels like, and every pain, cramp or twinge leaves me feeling very nervous.

I had an early scan today, and all looks well - so far so good. They told me that the pains are normal, and not to worry. Easier said than done though... it helps to know there are others out there feeling the same way.
So, fingers crossed!

And good luck to all of you too...

carphel Sun 13-Jan-08 10:00:54

Hi this my first pregnancy, been trying for a while. I'm 5 weeks and really excited, but worried. I woke up with intense period pains in the night. I was doubled up. I've had dull period pains on and off all week. I called NHS direct who told me to see my GP tomorrow. They said it is common to have period like pains around this time but I'm worried because mine were so severe. The severe pain lasted around 10 minutes and I was convinced I was miscarrying. However, there's been no bleeding - so fingers crossed! Also after having a wee the pain eased off! I think I may have to set an alarm so I can wee in the night before the pain reaches this level again!! I need to wee so often. I'd appreciate any reassurance about the severe pains. Has anyone else experienced such painful cramps so that you are doubled up and unable to move? I still have dull period pains now. I'll let you know how it goes.......

melody2 Fri 25-Jan-08 19:08:28

I am so glad I found this page. I am 5 weeks and have been having perios like pains that have been very bad at times for a few days. I even went to the GP who was shocked I had realised I was pregnant at 5 weeks and gave no reassurance about the pains. I am therefore pleased to see that other woman also know they are pregnant early on and also experience similar pains to mine....wish I had logged on here earlier and avoided the gp's altogether for a while longer!!!

deb33 Thu 31-Jan-08 19:09:02

hi im really impressed with this message board its really put my mind at rest im 5 weeks pregnant after just havin 3 consecutive miscarriages the only encouraging thing this time is that the line is gettin darker on the pregnancy tests by the day. ive started today with dull period pains and am reassured by all your comments, ive got 3 boys already to a previous partner and cant remember early symptoms so im just hoping everythings ok.Im sure ill find this site usefull

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