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CadMum Wed 08-Mar-06 19:54:41

It is my pleasure to introduce Charlotte Eveline Ann.

Born Saturday March 4th.

A stinker to feed but a true blessing.

mrsdarcy Wed 08-Mar-06 20:17:04

What a beautiful baby. v nice blanket too. Hope the feeding improves

Pruni Wed 08-Mar-06 20:17:47

Message withdrawn

Cadbury Wed 08-Mar-06 20:18:09


(getting all broody in Cadbury Towers)

gomez Wed 08-Mar-06 20:19:14

Yummy. She is beautiful with a matching lovely name.


Nbg Wed 08-Mar-06 20:20:41

pretty little cutesy new baby

romilly Wed 08-Mar-06 20:22:48

charlie is gorgeous cadmum - you must be so proud

kiskidee Wed 08-Mar-06 20:39:27

beautiful baby.

is she saying something succint with those 2 fingers?

Angeliz Wed 08-Mar-06 20:41:18

Oh she's gorgeous.
She doesn't think much of us though

myturn Wed 08-Mar-06 20:41:46

Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely name too. Almost (but not quite thankfully) makes me broody. Congratulations.

CadMum Wed 08-Mar-06 20:44:19

Oh my goodness! I swear that I hadn't noticed the fingers... Shall be off to find a friendlier photo!

Angeliz Wed 08-Mar-06 20:44:52

oh no don't it adds character!

georgeandwigglyjake Wed 08-Mar-06 20:49:52

Ooooooh Cadmum, she is gorgeous

Debbsy Wed 08-Mar-06 20:50:13

congratulations she is gorgeous

CadMum Wed 08-Mar-06 20:53:02

Guess she comes by the 'tude naturally so I will leave this picture. Maybe it will even bring Cod by? Would be nice to print her typos for Charlotte's baby book.

kiskidee Wed 08-Mar-06 20:53:41

no, leave up the photo. makes her more 'individual'!

newgirl Wed 08-Mar-06 21:06:32

she is gorgeous! well done cadmum!

laundrylover Wed 08-Mar-06 22:50:26

She's lovely Cad and looking so innocent after causing you all the worry eh?

Nemo1977 Wed 08-Mar-06 22:53:47

aww cadders she is lovely...making me broody [Yes I know H is only}

Miaou Wed 08-Mar-06 22:54:53

Me too Nemo!!! How beautiful

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 08-Mar-06 23:01:59

Aww she's beautiful - who'd know she'd be a little trouble maker


munz Thu 09-Mar-06 13:40:32

awww bless she's lovely well done u caddy.

zippitippitoes Thu 09-Mar-06 13:44:13

she is lovely, glad the feeding is improving!

hereshoping Fri 10-Mar-06 13:41:18

Cadmum - so wonderful to see your gorgeous little bundle
cant believe all the agonies we went thru to get there - you more than me.
My new dd is also gorgeous - 11 weeks now and Im enjoying every second and feel so blessed to have her
loving having four kids though ds2 and dd1 trying me at present
see you for no5!
love hh

cyan Fri 10-Mar-06 14:30:07

Congratulations Cadmum, she is really beautiful xxxxxx

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