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baby modelling the truth on m

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TheFish Wed 14-Dec-05 14:06:15

look what htey really do t o soupy

FIMBObellsFimbleAllTheWay Wed 14-Dec-05 14:09:18

Nice dress

TheFish Wed 14-Dec-05 14:09:45

why does she alwasy pu those lips on him?
it scres me

LIZS Wed 14-Dec-05 14:13:12

pmsl !!

OComeOliveFaithfOil Wed 14-Dec-05 14:14:10

did you take time off school for this photoshoot?

BluStocking Wed 14-Dec-05 14:16:39

aaaah, what a cutie. Nice ears.

MistleToo Wed 14-Dec-05 14:17:38

pushy mothers! tch!

zippimistletoes Wed 14-Dec-05 14:25:05

what a pretty dress, you must be proud

TheFish Wed 14-Dec-05 14:32:13

whagncy though bizzy kids or littel rasscals

LIZS Wed 14-Dec-05 14:33:28

You must be so proud to see her on the pages of magazines. Trust her earnings are being paid into her University Fees account.

misdee Wed 14-Dec-05 14:45:47


TheFish Wed 14-Dec-05 22:38:27


MistleToo Wed 14-Dec-05 22:39:58

see - pushy!

DingDongMerrilyOnHIGHLANDER Thu 15-Dec-05 11:13:03

is that lippy Chanel?

jacqusey Tue 05-Aug-08 23:25:13

hi my daughter has been accepted with bizzy kids but they want 120pound off me first does anyone have any input on the comapany is it worth me forking out that much cash??

FabioFridgeFluffFrenzy Tue 05-Aug-08 23:34:13

this is a 3 year old thread

jacqusey start a new thread in Chat
Or do a search for 'child modelling'


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