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READER'S WIVES! Me at 40 weeks

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morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:44:07

Me this evening!

Mum2OneandaBump, you definitely don't look THIS bad...

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 04-Oct-05 19:44:43 excited!!!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 04-Oct-05 19:45:07

NO?! Surely not?!


morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:45:44

I'm a bit disturbed that my thighs are almost as wide as my tummy...

I think I've put on four stone but there's no way I'm checking.

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:46:12

I look like a giant breast ...

jessicaandbumpsmummy Tue 04-Oct-05 19:46:30

belly stick out WAY far..... im a bit more rounded..... do you know what you're having MP? Looking at you i would say BOy......

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:46:39

(I'm only five foot high...)

Queenwaterwitch Tue 04-Oct-05 19:46:47

Oh wow, you can see the shape of your baby, how sweet!

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:47:15

Girl apparently although the sonographer was 100% sure.

frannykenstein Tue 04-Oct-05 19:47:47


You look magnificent, there is no other way to describe it! What a wonderful picture, thanks for sharing

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:48:32

Does it "look low" ????? Old ladies keep telling me that it does.... I think my tummy muscles have just packed up though...

Queenwaterwitch Tue 04-Oct-05 19:49:21

How ever are you getting near enough the keyboard to type? You do look wonderful, it's really sweet imo.

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 19:50:32

Aw thanks Franny! I feel like a LARDY MOOSE.

QWW funny you should ask; I have actually had to put my desk chair away and I'm sitting on a small bar stool to reach the keyboard!!!!! How bad is THAT?!

SplendidTinker Tue 04-Oct-05 19:51:16

Quite amazing! Mothercare maternity bra? Just compared to one of me at 40 weeks and you definitley win.

Mum2OneAndBump Tue 04-Oct-05 19:51:59

Oh My God this is amazing, i think you look fantastic your bump is great i would be sooo proud now i am very jealous

spookyserenity Tue 04-Oct-05 19:52:28

I feel all nostalgic looking at that, you look lovely! (but I do agree with the giant breast comment )

spookylucy Tue 04-Oct-05 19:53:13

ooh you look lovely!

bubble99 Tue 04-Oct-05 19:55:16

AMAZING. That baby must be planning her(?) escape route as I type.

frannykenstein Tue 04-Oct-05 19:56:43

No, c'mon, you look FAB! All womanly and powerful and WA-HOOOOOOOOOO!

(and make the most of it because you are not going to look like that for much longer )

Lacrimosa Tue 04-Oct-05 19:57:29

you look wonderful are you fed up yet? I found it difficult at that stage. Good luck for when the time comes!

Queenwaterwitch Tue 04-Oct-05 19:58:02

It is just amazing isn't it, this pregnancy and birth stuff? (not doing it again but think it's all incredibly amazing despite being scientifically explicable and all that!)

Flossam Tue 04-Oct-05 19:58:17

Wow!! I don't have any pictures at all of me and my bump. So I can't compare. But I think my bump was smaller than that, but DS was early, so could explain why. I hope it's all water in there for you!

motherinferior Tue 04-Oct-05 19:58:38

'kinell, girl, you look like a torpedo. Fantastic.

Tell you what, you may not have put on that much weight, really you may not. I was very similar in my second pregnancy, enormously rounded in front; people sent me emails from across the country saying they'd heard how enormous I was, and lorry drivers leaned out of their lorries to comment on my enormity. But the whole thing was only a stone and it went away pdq, too.

morningpaper Tue 04-Oct-05 20:07:54

Splendidtinker/bra-spotter: Just a normal non-underwired bra... M&S I think.

MI: lol at lorry drivers!

motherinferior Tue 04-Oct-05 20:10:13

I very much hope your baby arrives pronto, I have to say.

Although of course one thinks of it getting out...

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