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luvsgonzo Mon 27-Sep-10 23:45:50

Hi all
I joined Mumsnet today and just wanted to introduce myself my names maria i live in manchester i'm mum to 4 beautiful kids (3 boys and 1 girl) and step mum to 4 more (2 boys and 2 girls) not quiet what to say now though lol blush

sez2068 Mon 27-Sep-10 23:58:30

hi maria i live in essex, am 42 and have a boy and girl, 13 and 11 and my bf has 3 kids, aged 8 6 and 4 - so we may have a bit in common there lol!

how old are your children?

i have been separated 3 years and divorce just going through now, have been with my partner 2 years and we are really close but my ds is really opposed to us living together! wonder if you have any comments or advice on that?!

my bf's kids live in brighton and he has them every other wekend - do you all live together?

and just like you, i dont know what to say now lol!

oh except that many years ago i lived in manchester 3 years while i did my degree there and i thought it a lovely place - i did have a good time there!

Valpollicella Tue 28-Sep-10 00:12:02

Hey luvsgonzo grin

Run. Run far, FAR away from MN... you'll be addicted before you know it

<MN vet of 4 years>

But seriously welcome. I recommend you have a look at the MN Classics threads... very very funny

luvsgonzo Tue 28-Sep-10 00:16:52

hi sez2068
my boyfriends kids are the oldest ones they are 12 , 10 and 8 year old twins and the younger ones are 7, 5 ,2 and 19 weeks old we have my stepkids at the weekends and so far we all get on great though me and my bf have only been together for just over 6 months and dont live together yet though we have spoke about it and spoken to the older ones it might sound bad but we told them at some point the living together would happen and highlighted all the good points it would have the older ones have expressed concerns so at the moment we are working through them to put them at ease lol its because i'm terrified at becoming the evil stepmum

luvsgonzo Tue 28-Sep-10 00:19:00

hi valpollicella
thank you and i will definately (sorry if its spelt wrong i'm dyslexic) have a look

puffthemagicguineapig Wed 29-Sep-10 00:39:47

i think my ds wil express concerns for a long time to come! but what can you do?!

and it doesnt sound bad its what you are supposed to do isnt it, keep them informed ds says that he is the only one he knows whose parents are divorcing lol i find that hard to believe in his huge secondary school..i can name a few myself..

anyway hope you enjoying mumsnet! i find it really useful its been a big support to me the last year or so with divorce, kids acting up etc - some people are so kind and have so much good advice, amazing when it literaly is the kindness of strangers!smile

luvsgonzo Wed 29-Sep-10 13:49:32

hi puffthemagicginneapig
yes i am thank you didnt manage to get on yesterday the youngest 2 lo's were poorly but seem to be better today so as soon as they went down for naps thought i'd come on

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