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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Swansea meet up July 2010

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QualityTime Wed 23-Jun-10 15:44:13

Here we go thengrin

Possible locations,
Brynmill park
Gnoll park (although not strictly swanseawink)

dates, whatever for me, although afternoons/lunchtimes during the week are better until school breaks up.

Sign up!

Deemented Wed 23-Jun-10 20:40:47


Manshapes ma permitting hmm

Brynmill park with a picnic sounds goood to me.

And afternoons are ok with me, but i'd have to leave about 2.45 to get the boychild.

QualityTime Wed 23-Jun-10 20:51:45

That's cool, i would aim to get places by 12ish anyway! I can't wait to see what your dd and dd2 make of each other!

Deemented Wed 23-Jun-10 21:37:11

Fab - when's good for you?

Julezboo Wed 23-Jun-10 21:49:06

Can I say a half hearted yes? I am early stages of pregnancy and very very sicky at the moment so not going anywhere but the couch when I get home from school run (had to pull onto hard shoulder this morning to throw up going one junction).

I am away first week of July as well

QualityTime Wed 23-Jun-10 22:38:10

Oh god julez, that sounds 'fun', poor you.
First few days of july is no good but am around rest of the month, what with having no life and all grin

natalia88 Thu 24-Jun-10 10:55:21

Whenever is good for me! Aslong as its afternoons! xxx

tots2ten Thu 24-Jun-10 14:56:21

Count me in grin

Ryuk Thu 24-Jun-10 14:56:42

Also checking in as a yes. Am free most of July, and brynmill park would be great.

Sympathies, Julez! Hope you can make it anyway, am also in early stages so would love to meet other people who are. We can complain at each other about symptoms if you want.

Pingpong Thu 24-Jun-10 15:14:54

<Smac tentatively sticks hand in and waves hello>
QT as long as you don't say lush too often I think I might like to meet up with you lot wink and we can SOL or QCI whatever is most appropriate and deemented I promise I won't comment on your manshape at all!

I'm about half an hour from Swansea and spend far too much time on MN and despite being here (Wales) for 2 1/2 years still don't really 'know' many people so might brave an MN meet up!

I don't know Swansea very well so you will have to give me detailed instructions on how to find you once the location of the meet up is agreed.

Tuesday or Thursday would suit me best and I'm away 7th - 14th (I think) but the rest of the month is fine.

QualityTime Thu 24-Jun-10 15:45:57

Detailed instructions?

Um, it's thataway! Am shit at directions, this is map though, it's veyr old as there is now a lovely new playground and benches etc. If you park on glanbrydian ave you will see the playground.

If it helps any other lurkers then tots and I have known each other for years as we live near each other, and Dee and I have met before, so we are not a bunch of hairy truckers strangers.

Okay, how about Tuesday the 6th or Thursday the 15th?
Anyone okay/not okay for those?

tots2ten Thu 24-Jun-10 16:02:19

thursday the 15th is better for me, i go back to work on the 6th <shakes with fear>

Deemented Thu 24-Jun-10 16:31:23

Thursday 15th works for me grin

Ryuk Thu 24-Jun-10 17:48:22

15th should be fine.

QualityTime Thu 24-Jun-10 19:24:35


Bumping for 15th then, say 12ish by the playground with a picnic?

(t2t, when does school breakup, have lost newslettergrin it's easier to ask here!)

natalia88 Thu 24-Jun-10 19:26:18

either date is good with me!

tots2ten Thu 24-Jun-10 19:31:29

I dont know, I am not thinking about it grin possibly the 21st July.

We will be there with a picnic.

Julezboo Thu 24-Jun-10 21:31:33

15th is good for me providing im feeling better. DS1 breaks up the 16th shock tad early this year I think!

Ryuk, when are you due?

I am just keep everything crossed that it sticks this time.

Ryuk Fri 25-Jun-10 14:35:41

Was first told the 9th January, then had scan on Wednesday grin (what they thought was the 11th-ish week) and it turns out I'm more like 9 weeks, so due on the 26th of January. How about you?

I'm also keeping everything crossed, this is my first pregnancy but my family have a history of complications and things not going so well, so am desperately trying to stay positive! Some days I feel really safe and others, not so much. confused

tots2ten Fri 25-Jun-10 14:41:39

After a long talk with DH any day is fine for me, I handed in my notice at work grin my heart werent in it any more.

QualityTime Fri 25-Jun-10 16:00:41

Fingers crossed for you guys as wellsmile

t2t, you are now a lady of leisure!

Hi ladies, I'm a bit late I know, but I've been tempted by meetups for a while (I'm a bit shygrin) Any chance I can gate-crash yours? I'm about half an hour from Swansea like Smac, so not technically from Swansea, but where I live is probably a bit small for a meetup! It would be nice to meet some like-minded MNers in the flesh! smile

natalia88 Mon 28-Jun-10 10:58:18

Hehe i love your name! Edward cullens other woman! Hes amazing isnt he?? Dont think it matters if you live in swansea or not! Its my first meet up too so we can be newbies together xx

Thanks! I am a slightly obsessed Twilight fan, firmly on Team Edward! hehe. Ooh yay, glad I'm not the only newbie. So it's Thursday 15th July at 12? DO we all have to wear a badge with our nickname? grin <imagines odd looks I'd get walking around Brynmill with my name emblazoned on my chest> I'd probably be carted off to Cefn Coed!

Quality Mon 28-Jun-10 14:22:06

No talking about twilight though <<deep sigh>>
I get enough of that from the other mums at playgroup!

I have only met 3 other MNer's and I knew one fo them before she was on MN anyway, so it's not an issue!

Anyone else lurking, come and lurk round brynmill playground at 12ish. There are some picnic benches for pregnant people too.
You will spot me, I am the one with the DD with crazy hair.

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