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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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bonkerz Sat 06-Aug-05 22:49:20

Seeing as im meeting Nemo that day just wondered if anyone else fancied meeting up too on this day?

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 08:28:34

BUMP for today just in case! Otherwise its just me and the fish!!!

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 13:48:36

just you and me nemo baby!!

Donbean Sun 07-Aug-05 14:18:01

OOOH, let me check and see what im working....
Be back in a tick...

Donbean Sun 07-Aug-05 14:20:56

Im off, were are you meeting?
Shall email Bonniej see if she wants to come too, Let me know some details. I would love to meet up with you both.

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 15:48:20

donbean i think we said by the pier/tower at around 11.30am. ARe you coming to the warrington meet aswell or am i just thinking you said that????

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 07-Aug-05 16:03:09

I can do the 10th I think, i have agreed to so many meet ups lately I have got myself in a muddle!

Donbean Sun 07-Aug-05 16:41:17

Cant come to the Warrington meetup.
What are your plans for the day, i mean are you going somewhere specific, bringing kids or not?

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 16:46:27

TO be honest i dont know what plans are...I will have my son and hubby with me as I had thought we were meeting for couple of hours and then going seperate dont know

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 17:45:05

Meet is where nemo said and no real plans! We have to leave by about 2 or 3 as are travelling back to leicester! Any ideas about what to do? Beach should be ok cos meant to be sunny! I say cheap lunch somewhere and let kids go mad with dads while we gossip with ice cream!

Donbean Sun 07-Aug-05 18:03:46

OOOh gossip and ice cream !
I dont know what to do as my ds has a sleep around then and is horrid if he doesnt. (i mean HORRID)
Also, will just quickly check the tide times and see what time the tide is out otherwise you and your families will be paddling in sewage! (only kidding, we are much cleaner here these days...apparantlty)

Donbean Sun 07-Aug-05 18:08:53

Yes just checked and it will be low tide until 2ish.
There are loads of places to eat, depends what you like.
Are you meeting at the tower or the pier its just that the pier is a bit away from the tower and i will be wondering around aimlessly asking people if they have seen Nemo or bonkerz and thier dh's any where like a dummy!
Twinset, if you are going i could pick you up, i can pass through Bispham no probs.

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:10:03

is it the north pier that has a macdonalds opposite?????? With big arcade at front?

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 21:18:43

yes thats north pier. Dont tell me you are considering giving your child MACDONALDS!! you will be shot!!

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:20:39

pmsl nooooooooooo just that its easily distinguishable from the rest iykwim..cos the small mac ds is on the corner by it.

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 21:21:43

yeah yeah yeah nemo whatever! I know your child eats mcD all the time! Infact my ds and dsd had one for lunch!!!!
So where we meeting then? central or north pier??

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 21:36:56

OK the decision has been made!

The plan is to meet at the front entrance to the tower. Time will be 11.30am on Wed 10th Aug.
Our plan is to nosh on chips whilst on the beach! The weather is meant to be ok. Hopefully all will be fine and we will meet up as arranged!
NEMO will have to take over now as i have no computer from tomorrow!!

bubblerock Sun 07-Aug-05 21:43:24

psss... Central Pier is opposite McDonalds & it has a big Ferris wheel on it ... Don't worry Nemo I'll push Bonkerz in the right direction

Nemo1977 Sun 07-Aug-05 21:45:36

lol bubblerock..i was getting confused despite looking at your little hotel map..pmsl

bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-05 21:55:55

lol, thanks bubblerock! will you be able to join us or not??

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 09-Aug-05 21:29:55

are we still meeting tomorrow? who else is coming?

Donbean Wed 10-Aug-05 10:42:39

Sorry to let you all down but ds has got croup again, ive been up all night with kettles and he has a temperature this morning and is not himself.
I was going to come thinking that the fresh air would do him good but he has just fallen asleep and im desperate for a nice cuppa and a lie down myself. (im also on a night shift tonight so need some kip).
Sorry its last minuit, hope you have a nice time, will catch up again later.

Nemo1977 Wed 10-Aug-05 10:47:57

poor u donbean..i am currently waiting for rac as my car wont start

TwinSetAndPearls Wed 10-Aug-05 11:07:05

I was just about to leave but if there is going to be noone there there is no point, moght go shopping instead!

Donbean Wed 10-Aug-05 18:55:24

Was wondering how it went for you all, did you meet up and have a nice day?

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