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Winchester mums

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missingwine Mon 17-May-10 13:12:43

I've just moved to the Winchester area with DH & our very busy 22 month DS.

I've found a few activities for DS, but am keen to make some new friends for both of us and to get involved with lots of activities. Otherwise, I'm going to go nuts if generally the only people I speak to during the day are DS, old ladies smiling at DS and shop staff grin

Looking forward to hearing from all you lovely ladies!

maltesers Wed 19-May-10 09:58:30

Hi missingwine. I am older mum but live in Salisbury. My youngest is 9 yrs (DS) Welcome to Hampshire. Where have you moved from? Winchester is a really nice place to live and i am sure in time you will meet some nive mums. Join lots of toddler activity groups. . . music, swimming, play.etc
Very happy to meet/chat etc and give you any mummy advice. . . been looking after kids for 22 yrs. my oldest DS is now in NZ and my dd of 19 is in London nursing. 9yr old DS at school all day .. . . . .aaahhh LOVELY !

maltesers Wed 19-May-10 09:59:00

I meant NICE mums. . . . typing error !!!!

Sariska Thu 20-May-10 20:32:32

Hi missingwine, I'm also in the area. Moved to Winch when I was just finishing my first mat leave (good timing, hey!) but am now on my second so just starting to get to grips with some of the many parent and child activities on offer.

I have DS 26 months and DD 10 weeks - so still in the newborn dazed and confused stage but getting there!

Hope you're liking Winch so far. I think it's a lovely place to live and bring up children - and the old ladies and shop assistants are friendly <been there emoticon> grin.

maltesers Tue 25-May-10 09:56:35

Have you met anyone yet Missingwine ?

mistressploppy Thu 10-Jun-10 08:39:59

Hello! Another Winch mum here, just in case you still need some.....have DS, 7.5mo

CrankyTwanky Fri 11-Jun-10 09:49:19

Hi I'm just outside Winchester. It is my 'hood, as it were.grin

Have you been to Marwell yet re activities? I would definitely recommend getting an annual pass.
There's the Adventure Barn nearby.

I'd be up for a meet-up.

mistressploppy Fri 11-Jun-10 13:10:45

Ooh, hello, didn't think anyone was still out there, this was quite an old thread, don't know if OP is still looking...

CrankyTwanky Fri 11-Jun-10 13:55:27

Breastfeeding, bored and bumping old threads!

Sariska Fri 11-Jun-10 14:17:42

Also BFing, bored and bumping grin. Maybe OP will see it if we keep bumping it!

Would also be up for a meetup sometime.

mistressploppy Fri 11-Jun-10 16:34:04

Me too!!! BFing has a lot to answer for...

sandrathenanny Sun 07-Nov-10 15:53:25

Hi mums, do you need a 29yrs experienced nanny/mothers help? i live in chandlers ford but nanny in Winch 2 ams a wk i would like a few more hrs to 2 days per wk, i have early yrs first aid refs,cv,crb, and im ofsted registered, i habe yrs exp with babies and toddlers and have my own children 24 and 26. im 47 and i drive.

CatRix Mon 24-Jun-19 21:40:29

I moved to Winchester 2yrs ago to get my boys into St Bedes, after successful submissions, we're now moving address and our recently renovated house is up for rent - great for school admissions and wondered if this is a good place to include a link? St Bedes is a wonderful school where my boys (now 6&8) are very happy. Please DM me if you would like to know more, Cat

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