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Brighton: lunch Friday 5th August

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desperatehousewife Thu 28-Jul-05 16:51:08

Just to remind you all that lunch is at 1pm at Pinocchios, 22 New Road, Brighton on Friday 5th August. That's next Friday.

I've booked for 8 people - let me know if there are any more takers...


(I know that's only 7 of us, but thought an extra place wouldn't go amiss - Custy/Cam - you're likely to pick someone up on the way aren't you?!)

Looking forward to seeing you all (table booked under name of kate)

MABS Thu 28-Jul-05 17:06:09

I'll be there DHW, sorry we never got together this week - the joys of daughter and tennis!!

desperatehousewife Thu 28-Jul-05 17:11:46

don't worry mabs! Hope she bloody well won!

MABS Thu 28-Jul-05 17:16:03

she bloody well didn't!! and we are at another bloody tournament tomorrow at Withdean...aarrrggghh.

Tortington Fri 29-Jul-05 00:43:11

no sorry cant pick anyone up - did i arrange to? am train travelling to work on friday in hove so i can sample a few drops of wine

desperatehousewife Fri 29-Jul-05 08:44:35

Custy - no - I meant, picking up some random stranger on the way! sorry...lame joke!

MABS Sun 31-Jul-05 13:03:13

(DHW - she won Friday's tennis tournament!!) Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

desperatehousewife Sun 31-Jul-05 19:17:41

thank god for that Mabs! All worthwhile then!

See you Fridayx

Spongebob Sun 31-Jul-05 20:52:15

Count me in please.

MABS Mon 01-Aug-05 09:14:45

glad you found it Spongebob!!

desperatehousewife Mon 01-Aug-05 09:46:42

Any more for any more? Any other Brighton people coming??

desperatehousewife Mon 01-Aug-05 17:17:47


noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:42:49

dhw have left you a message on other subjects!

desperatehousewife Mon 01-Aug-05 17:43:38

where noddy??

noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:44:45

under dhw!If you don't see it I'll type it again i have no email atm see my bloody computers thread

desperatehousewife Mon 01-Aug-05 17:47:54

what under chat? can't see it!

noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:55:31

sorry under other subjects!Imy computer has crashed and I have lost everything inc all photos not backed up I have sokmeone coming to help me but can only do tomorrow so will have to cancel lunch really sorry to mess you about but all my holiday stuff was there too and although i printed out most reciepts etc some i just saved so it is vital i retrieve them I have been blubbing like a baby all day re the photos PMT methinks!See you friday if i have stopped crying

desperatehousewife Mon 01-Aug-05 17:57:41

No problem Noddy - what a nightmare. Good luck, see you Friday. Don't cry.

noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:59:25

thanks dhw will def do it when i get back xx see you friday

Cam Mon 01-Aug-05 20:31:54

Hi everyone, looking forward to Friday, sorry to see you bottled booking the table under the name of DESPERATEHOUSEWIFE

MABS Tue 02-Aug-05 14:45:34

agree Cam - that would have been v amusing.

desperatehousewife Tue 02-Aug-05 21:00:27

oh come on girls! Leave me alone - at least I got the thing organised!!!!!!!!!!!

Blossomhill Tue 02-Aug-05 21:35:04

Message from lou - just to let you know lou won't be able to make Fridays lunch now as she has left mumsnet. She thought that she had already mentioned it to some of the Brighton lot. She is really sorry that she is unable to attend.

desperatehousewife Wed 03-Aug-05 15:33:25

even if she's not using mumsnet anymore - does she not want to come for lunch any more. We promise not to quiz her. Would just be nice if she could come for lunch with a bunch of Brighton women....please pass on the message blossomhill.

RnB Wed 03-Aug-05 20:46:42

Message withdrawn

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