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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

With-baby meet-up in Brighton / Hove

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lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 00:10:41

Hi everyone. smile

I'm moving to Brighton (well Hove!) with my DP and 15mo DS next month, and I'd love to meet some other parents.

I went to a Brighton meet-up recently, and really enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to the next one. (And I'll make sure I can stay out a little later next time!) But, I thought it'd be nice to also do something with the little ones.

I have no idea what though - beach / park etc? I don't know the area very well.

If it was a pub they'd have to be VERY child-friendly - DS is at the stage that he wants to be toddling around most of the time, and he wants to tough everything! Does one exist I wonder? (The days of sitting calmly in the corner of nice pubs are over for a long while I suspect)

I though maybe sometime in May, or maybe the weekend of 24/25th April?

What do you reckon?

Let us know if you're up for it grin

lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 00:35:14

That should have said touch everything! Oh dear it's time for bed I think.

2shoes Thu 08-Apr-10 13:07:56

i will send a link to sirboobalot

lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 13:26:25

Thanks 2shoes smile

Just wondering if my title might put people with older children off - I didn't mean it as in only babies welcome!

It would be great to meet some parents in the area with older children too if you fancy it. (You can pass on your sage advice and let us know us what we're in for grin)

flootshoot Thu 08-Apr-10 13:37:44

I would be up for this, definitely. Think most of my weekends are free ATM <no life emoticon>. 24th/25th April sounds good. There are loads of cafes on the seafront or plenty of child-friendly pups, sure we could find somewhere.

Will get my thinking cap on. smile

2shoes Thu 08-Apr-10 13:37:55

oh mine are way too old, I have forgotton everything lol

SirBoobAlot Thu 08-Apr-10 21:00:26

Cheers 2shoes

DS is five months, would love to have a get together with some other mums. Am free pretty much whenever <life revolves around nappies and breastfeeding emotion>. Have done Pizza Hut with other mums before, and there is a lovely cafe on Blatchington Road in Hove which is small but has seating outside if it is a good day. Where ever is good for others works for me as long as there is bus links!

Zoidberg Thu 08-Apr-10 21:08:14

Hi, I'd like to meet up too. I can't think of pubs but one suggestion is Hove Park as there's lots of space and shade if needed as could be nonstop sunny on the beach. There is a cafe there and a playground. Is about 5 mins walk behind Hove station.

Dates for me, I can't do 25th, 1st/2nd or 9th (hmmm, sorry, do go ahead without me if this is too limiting!)

lowrib Thu 08-Apr-10 23:51:05

Hiya SirBoobAlot and Zoidberg! It'd be lovely to meet you.

The park sounds like a good idea (and very local for me!) What do the rest of you think?

I'm afraid cafes are out for me at the moment, unless there's room for DS to run about somewhere. Since he's learnt to walk, DS simply won't sit still for any sensible length of time. If DP and I go to the pub / cafe, we have to bring a friend if we want any conversation, as otherwise the experience consists of one of us sitting on our own at a table with the drinks / food, and the other one following a toddler about!

A park with a cafe could work though (hoping!)

Zoidberg - by process of elimination, does that mean you'd be OK with Saturday 24th?

lowrib Fri 09-Apr-10 01:02:27

Hiya flootshoot, good to see you over here grin

So far then we have, hopefully

lowrib + DS 15 months
flootshoot + DS 13 months
sirboobalot + DS 5 months
zoidberg + ?

I have a RL friend who is also moving to Brighton soon with her 2yo DS. I might invite her too, if it's OK with yous? (I don't know if she MNets, I've never asked.)

spotofcheerfulness Fri 09-Apr-10 08:32:32

Hi Lowri, thanks for the personal invitation, grin. count me in. Pretty sure 24th good for me, or late May.
Or indeed next weekend.

flootshoot Fri 09-Apr-10 15:28:31

Hove Park sounds good. I walk everywhere so no worries.

BTW Lowrib, your op has a mistake: it should 'I'm moving to Brighton, well Hove actually'. You will learn this in joke.....

SirBoobAlot Fri 09-Apr-10 18:47:39

* snort * @ flootshoot grin

Zoidberg Fri 09-Apr-10 19:18:46

Yes 24th is fine for me. 25th is DD's 1st birthday (at which GPs will all meet for the first time in 10 years of me and DP being together yikes - so fun with mnetters the day before will be extra appreciated )

SirBoobAlot Fri 09-Apr-10 21:34:22

I'm disabled, so won't be able to walk with you guys unless I can stop every five minutes or so, I'm afraid. Can always leave you to it and arrange to meet you another time if that's best?

Zoidberg ohhh exciting!

lowrib Fri 09-Apr-10 22:45:02

SirBoobAlot I'd love to meet you - of course we'll arrange something that suits everyone.

The walking bit I meant was me and DS not everyone! He just won't stay still! We need to be somewhere that he can roam about without it annoying other people, so I'm a bit worried about being in a small space like a cafe with just street outside.

How it usually works for me these days is I go somewhere with a group of people. They stay in one place, and DS wanders about with me following him, saying hi as we pass by every 5 minutes grin

A cafe in the park sounds great as me and DS can wander about without getting dirty looks annoying anyone, while the rest of you enjoy actually sitting while you drink coffee and eat cake envy.

Or what about a picnic by the play area maybe? Or something completely different.

SirBoobAlot what do you reckon? Does the park suit you or is it a PITA?

SirBoobAlot Sat 10-Apr-10 18:08:01

Is there a local bus stop? blush Sorry to be such a pain. I live near Peacehaven, haven never ventured further than DPs when it comes to Hove (Actually).

I'd really like to join you, but don't want to be an inconvenience! Though saying that, the weather is getting nicer now, a picnic could be a really nice plan

alle01 Sat 10-Apr-10 22:47:32

hi, i'm new to this thread, but would love to meet other mums/mums to be, but can't go very far as i'm 37 weeks pregnant with 1st lo.

sirboobalot- where exactly you live?, i live in newhaven, so fairly close by, i hope.

SirBoobAlot Sat 10-Apr-10 23:53:07

Hey Am just on the Brighton side of the Tye. If you can't make it to where ever we decide to meet I could always come and meet you for coffee or something in Newhaven if you fancied that?

alle01 Sat 10-Apr-10 23:57:04

sirboobalot, i would love to meet in newhaven for coffee, or so... contact through contact poster to exchange emails

SirBoobAlot Sun 11-Apr-10 00:01:10

I can't contact you for some reason - but my email (I have one purely for on here) is honeyfromhell at hotmail dot com.

alle01 Sun 11-Apr-10 00:01:54

ok, i'll email u

lowrib Sun 11-Apr-10 01:21:51

Hiya alle01! Wow you really are very pregnant! I remember that time mainly as being very fed up with getting up about 300 times a night to pee, and having what felt like an elbow dug into my ribs! (In retrospect it was probably a foot)
It would be lovely to meet you smile. Is a bus to Hove doable for you?

Right, this is all good homework for me. I really don't know Brighton at all well, but the internet is a wonderful thing. This is what I've learnt today ...

The cafe in Hove park is here. I found this picture of the cafe. Looks nice. I especially like the fence - good for containing roaming toddlers grin

There are buses going there - but have a look at the bus stops I wonder if they're actually near enough? Whereabouts are you coming from?
The 14c goes there from Newhaven and Hangleton too.

Is that doable? If not, maybe we could have a picnic in a bif of the park which is a bit nearer to a bus stop - does anyone know the park? What do you think?

It looks like the 14c goes past Dyke Rd park too - and there's a cafe there as well a picture

Bus stops here
The Dyke Rd cafe is here

Would that be any easier?
Can anyone who's actually been there tell us what's Dyke Road park like?

Phew! That's enough interweb for one night, I'm off to bed smile

lowrib Sun 11-Apr-10 02:39:06

The internet truly is a wonderful thing! If you look at Google Street view here (the map will load first, but if you wait a few seconds I think the picture will load) and twizzle it round a bit, you can see that the Dyke Rd park bus stop is right by the cafe, and the little playpark too.

What do you reckon?

lowrib Sun 11-Apr-10 02:41:29

I really am off to bed now! DP has promised me a lie-in tomorrow - must remember to actually go to bed to get any benefit from it though!

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