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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

<sigh> Swansea meet up? Anyone?!

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JackBauer Fri 26-Mar-10 08:47:46

Okay. This is getting silly now! We will be having a meet up in April. Even if it's just . On my own. <<sob>>
Inside best (obviously) so Funsters or Wacky's look the most likely.

PLease sign in with dates etc....


JackBauer Fri 26-Mar-10 17:59:28


LauraIngallsWilder Mon 29-Mar-10 13:11:36

Hello I am here too!

Why are we the MN of south wales so rubbish at meetups???

Any date in the holidays should be alright for us, but not the 6th,7th or 15th!!

Go Jack Bauer <LIW waves pom poms>

LauraIngallsWilder Mon 29-Mar-10 17:26:30

Oh Mumsnetters of swansea
O where for art thou.............?

To be sung to the tune of "On top of old smokey" - except I cant remember the words!

LauraIngallsWilder Mon 29-Mar-10 21:34:38

Oy Jack I know you are on here somewhere...........

JackRabbitBauer Tue 30-Mar-10 12:28:39

I'm ignoring you
<<turns back to hide tearstains>>


I reckon we don't meet up at the beach though, have you seen the news about eh spill? They reckon is was 'contained around singleton park area'

Hello? Water travels!!!

JackRabbitBauer Wed 07-Apr-10 08:17:51

Laura? Come back!!!

Anyone up for the Gnoll next week for a picnic?

JackBauer Fri 16-Apr-10 07:13:05

OKay. I will not lose faith....

Anyone around?

Deemented Fri 16-Apr-10 22:05:22

Right, i be here. And i be up for a meet up. Tell me when. And where.

JackBauer Fri 16-Apr-10 22:07:16


Run out of ideas now but will think of somethinggrin

Deemented Mon 19-Apr-10 15:05:30

See, she gets me all 'cited then nothing... wink

Jackbauer Thu 22-Apr-10 10:57:30

grin I'm sucha tease!

Okay, I reckon park on either a weekday afternoon or weekend is safets bet.
Brynmill is good a local, but only if you have transport, or CLydach is lovely, but again, bugger to get to.
So let me know if park sounds good and which one you fancy...

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 16:26:34

I have car and can travel - what about you? Agreed that Brynmill is lovely. Weekday afternoon probably best for me, but would have to be back to get the boy from school.

EccentricaGallumbits Thu 22-Apr-10 16:35:10

I used to skive school up the Gnoll grin

JackBauer Thu 22-Apr-10 19:14:22

Ooh, the Gnoll is good, bit far but nice to hang out in.
Also have car and can travel, DD1 only on mornings so don't have to be back for anything (except a parking spacehmmgrin)

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 19:53:18

What about next Thursday afternoon then?

MrsGravy Thu 22-Apr-10 20:43:55

'Clydach is lovely' - now there's a sentence I never thought I'd see grin And I speak as a resident of Clydach!

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 20:45:29

In that case you have to come and meet up with us too!!

JackBauer Thu 22-Apr-10 20:49:14

Cool, next Thursday sounds good. Brynmill? Could bring picnic lunch and meet at 12ish or bit later about 1?

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 20:52:49

Picnic lunch sounds fab!! Brynmill it is - whereabouts?

Julezboo Thu 22-Apr-10 20:58:11

Ohh can I come please? Will have to leave around 2 to get DS1 from school and I am coming from bridgend!

JackBauer Thu 22-Apr-10 20:58:11

Meet in playground? DD's will revolt if we don't go there first, they have put a load of benches up now either there or by the shit shop so could do a walk round then? I well have both DD's with me, 2.6 and 4.2 so will need to tire them out.

Right, now to get everyone else listening!

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 21:12:15

Playground works for me!!!

Yes Julezboo please do - the more the merrier!! I'll have MissB who's very nearly two and the baby with me. Am right looking forward to it!!! grin

Deemented Thu 22-Apr-10 21:13:11

Just a thought - my FB is Heat Bubbs if you want to add me?

LauraIngallsWilder Thu 22-Apr-10 21:13:16

Hi all
Jack I am so glad that something has finally been organised!

I am however unable to come <weeps>
We are moving house on Tuesday and Thursday is clean the house, hoover and hand keys over to estate agent day!

I hope you have a nice sunny day

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