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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

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DelGirl Wed 20-Jul-05 21:28:06

Hello again.

I was going to put 'Delgirls mini IQ' as the thread title, then realised it might make me sound thick

Anyway, am holding this for Sparkler on the 4th of August (Thursday) at 8pm. Got a virgin vie party tomorrow night too or an excuse to drink some wine party.

Anyhow, you're all welcome obviously.

jodee Wed 20-Jul-05 23:16:15

Hi Delgirl, long time no speak - that would have made a very good thread title, LOL!

Sorry I can't make the virgin vie or mini IQ meet-up - going on hols on Saturday for a fortnight so am going mad trying to sort out what to take.

Hope to make LOADS of meet-ups after that!

DelGirl Tue 26-Jul-05 11:18:02

Ooh, hope you have a good holiday Jodee .

Bump for the others

DelGirl Tue 26-Jul-05 11:18:03

Ooh, hope you have a good holiday Jodee .

Bump for the others

SPARKLER1 Tue 26-Jul-05 12:08:44

Bumping for you Delgirl. C'mon everyone it's going to be a great night. The products are fab - and you'll help Delgirl get lots of free products too. Not only that but you'll help me get my business up and running as I've just started.
Jodee shame you can't make it - perhaps you could host a party?? What do you think?

SPARKLER1 Tue 26-Jul-05 15:56:06


SPARKLER1 Fri 29-Jul-05 09:44:06

Where's eveyone gone???????

Merlin Sat 30-Jul-05 18:22:41

bumping for DG

DelGirl Sun 31-Jul-05 15:01:38

Sparkler, it seems to have all gone a but pear shaped. I'll put another thread up for you as well. Most people that have been invited are unable to make it for one reason or another so I think it may be best to postpone for a couple of weeks if thats ok with you. (I'm literlally down to about me and maybe 1 other . I'm at my sis's at the mo and don't have your phone number. Merlin doesn't either. Hope you see this. Sorry about this but don't think it will be worth the journey tbh and hopefully I can rearrange?

DelGirl Sun 31-Jul-05 16:32:11


DelGirl Sun 31-Jul-05 17:43:12


DelGirl Sun 31-Jul-05 19:55:31


DelGirl Mon 01-Aug-05 09:08:21


DelGirl Mon 01-Aug-05 12:38:29

it'd be great if this could be bumped up, cheers

SPARKLER1 Mon 01-Aug-05 16:30:03

You can stop bumping now - found it!!! Suggested 12th Delgirl. How does that sound? xx

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