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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Barnet/Watford/Enfield - Day Meet-up - Thursday 18th August

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Kayleigh Wed 13-Jul-05 18:36:11

Who is up for a daytime meet with kids?

Pray for a nice day and we can go to Willows Farm at London Colney. If weather is bad we'll have to re-think.

Thursday 18th August 11:30 am onwards. Bring a picnic lunch.

I'm also arranging an evening (no kids ) meet up so check this thread too.

honeypot01 Wed 13-Jul-05 20:53:43

im up for it, count me in. I don't yet but im sure can find out how to get there!!

anorak Thu 14-Jul-05 10:12:26

I'll be there.

deegward Thu 14-Jul-05 11:50:18

Yes we'll come!

ladym Fri 15-Jul-05 19:00:01

yeah would love to come along, i have lil girl shes 2.

Kayleigh Sun 17-Jul-05 11:44:28


melsy Tue 19-Jul-05 19:50:37

Ooh would be nice to meet, need some fun days out and dd LOVES the bouncy castle. Would be nice to catch up and meet some new mums too.

Kayleigh Wed 20-Jul-05 13:11:44

So far ....

Kayleigh plus ds1 7 and ds2 4
Honeypot1 plus ?
Anorak plus ds 4 and are you bringing any dds?!
Deegward plus ds (not sure how old!)
Melsy with dd (is she 2 yet ????)

I will also have two friends kids with me a boy of 7 and a girl of 5. Their mum isn't a mumsnetter (that I know of!) but she will join us later in the day. God only knows how i'll explain you lot !!!!

honeypot01 Wed 20-Jul-05 13:25:03

hi it will be me and ds is 3, il bring one friend, shes a mumsnetter and has a dd 2 . May bring one other. Gonna av 2 check out how to get there by public transport from EWnfield as dont drive, anyone know?!!

Kayleigh Wed 20-Jul-05 13:26:35

if she's a mumsnetter can you divulge her (mumsnet)name ?!

Kayleigh Wed 20-Jul-05 13:28:43

not sure how you would get there with public transport but their website may help - or you can give them a call and find out which buses run nearby.

melsy Wed 20-Jul-05 13:30:01

Honeypot dont worry about getting there Ill pick you up. Do you have a car seat ???

honeypot01 Wed 20-Jul-05 14:43:34

thanks Melsy. thats great. My ds is 3 1/2 and i do have a car seat. Much appreciated. I live in Enfield Town , where r u?

The mumsnetter il be bringing is Lady M and has a daughter of 2 1/2yrs.

honeypot01 Thu 21-Jul-05 00:09:31

Hi all,

sorry i'm going to av 2 pull out of this ione i'm afraid girlies as my mate just told me she's booking tickets for Engie Benjy, didnt realise same day, sorry!! I'm coming to the evening one so see you all then!

Kayleigh Thu 21-Jul-05 00:12:11

ok honeypot01, look forward to meeting you at the evening one.
Is Ladym still coming to this one ?

honeypot01 Thu 21-Jul-05 09:18:05

il check with her today, meeting her at Flames softplay after lunch so will ask her.

Kayleigh Sun 24-Jul-05 10:36:14

bump ...

anorak Mon 01-Aug-05 12:13:28

Just a quick bump to say that my local paper (Herts Advertiser, July 28th edition) has a front and back cover 4 page ad for Willows Farm detailing all the Summer activites and...

A voucher for £2.50 per person off the entrance fee up to a maximum of 6 people per voucher!

Use by 4th Sept so ideal for our meet-up.

anorak Mon 01-Aug-05 13:03:50

Oh oh and I was just checking last month's credit card bill and found more vouchers on the back of a till receipt from Morrison's!

Those are for a child to go in free with an adult paying the full entrance fee.

I have way too many now so will bring them all when we meet - anyone who wants some can meet me in the car park then.

99redballoons Thu 04-Aug-05 08:34:54

Would like to join you for this one! Will keep an eye out for vouchers. It will be me + ds (now 2)

Kayleigh Thu 04-Aug-05 13:13:01

anorak, I have one of those child goes free with an adult voucher, but wouldn't mind some of the £2.50 ones as will have 4 kids in total on that day. Deep joy !!!

anorak Thu 04-Aug-05 13:35:18

I've only got one of that type Kayleigh, but quite a few of the child goes free with adult ones. Can you get a local paper? Otherwise we'd best work out the most beneficial way of splitting the ones I have. Do you know the normal admission fees?

Kayleigh Thu 04-Aug-05 15:28:06

prices are here . Bloody expensive IMO for what it is. We need to get there early to make the most of it !!!
Will discuss vouchers with you later.
Looking forward to tonight !

anorak Thu 04-Aug-05 18:29:02

Ok have worked out how many vouchers I need and will bring the rest tonight.

Kayleigh you better have the £2.50 per person voucher.

Kayleigh Thu 04-Aug-05 18:52:44


See you soon

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