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Is there going to be a MUMSNET summer party/camp thing again this year?

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essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 16:28:57

Message withdrawn

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 16:42:44

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 16:46:01

is it kids too or just mums?

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 16:47:34

Just sitting thinking about it....would be lovely to have a big proper summer thing for mumsnetters, partners and fun day for the kids with all proceeds going to mumsnet.....

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 16:48:45

I would if it wasnt right in london as it would take too long. Also train would probably be extortionate. ALso would have to be with kids for me

Tortington Wed 13-Jul-05 17:41:26

why proceeds going to mumsnet?

beetroot Wed 13-Jul-05 17:45:06

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Wed 13-Jul-05 17:45:19

Don't know lol - sounds good! Might make them think about organising on

Flamesparrow Wed 13-Jul-05 17:49:54

Where are you beetroot?

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:52:34

beetroot was it actually at ur house?

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 17:57:21

Message withdrawn

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 17:57:56

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Wed 13-Jul-05 17:58:20

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 13-Jul-05 17:58:25

ooh we could do the bank holiday I reckon!

Nemo1977 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:00:48

ooo somerset isnt too far ..i dont

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 18:01:29

Message withdrawn

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 18:03:40

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:14:37

2nd sept is a fri not the 3rd

couldn't make it on either weekend but i bet it would be good fun

fastasleep Wed 13-Jul-05 18:16:27

Where the flippin eck's Somerset... will ask DH!

fishfinger Wed 13-Jul-05 18:16:33


fastasleep Wed 13-Jul-05 18:16:50

Lou I'll never get to see that mod suit will I?

essbee Wed 13-Jul-05 18:18:38

Message withdrawn

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:18:56

doesn't look like it

fastasleep Wed 13-Jul-05 18:19:11

Least it's West...we might be able to go in a straight line! I'll be huge though, huuuge.

lou33 Wed 13-Jul-05 18:19:20

(and the first dates are wrong too)

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