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rotherham mum needs a friend

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maddy17 Mon 11-Jul-05 17:21:39

im lookin to make friends with some mums in my area r around n with a child about the same age if not a little older r younger shes 21months im 23 n we live in flanderwell rotherham so if any 1 wants a friend plzz cat me

Hulababy Mon 11-Jul-05 17:46:31

Hi Maddy

I am from Sheffield and have a 3yo DD. There is a local meet up on Friday 29th, at Cannon Hall Farm. You'd be more than welcome to join us all.

maddy17 Mon 11-Jul-05 21:11:10

sorry im on my hols but thanks any way

Yorkiegirl Mon 11-Jul-05 21:13:11

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Mon 11-Jul-05 21:13:50

Yep, Sheffield thread.

Friday 29th July
Cannon Hall farm

there are few names down
No time decided yet

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