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Delgirls Virgin Vie - 21st July

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DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 17:09:43

Hope i've spelt it correctly.

Bunny, Jodee, Sparkler, Merlin, Kittypickle, Amynnixmum, Starry &'re all invited to come along to a Virgin Vie party at my house at 8pm. For those of you that don't know (i've not actually been to one myself but i'm told it's lovely stuff) they sell jewellery and make up. No obligation to buy obviously but you could bring a bottle if you like . Not sure that there'll be cuddles with DD as i'm trying to get her to bed by 7pm these days but maybe at a price !

Anyway, would be lovely to see you all so hope you' can make it.


DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 20:21:21


Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 20:26:07

Would you mind moving up here first and then doing it, DG? (Granted we're short on surf but there's lots of grass...)

DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 20:27:49

hellooo Janh, mmm i'll give it a thought. Might the northern air make dd sleep better dya think? . How are you?

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 20:35:32

I am fine thanks chuck, how are you and the lovely babe? (You must post some more pics )

Having a fab quiet weekend in fact, everybody else has gone camping and DH couldn't have picked a nicer weekend for it, weather up here is superb, actually better than yours for once!

lou33 Sat 09-Jul-05 20:36:47

can i be invited even tho i can't make it please?

DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 20:43:02

Consider yourselves invited . You could come down you know

Baby is gorgeous thanks, tho not a happy babe tonight. I think it must be the heat or that she's in her own room now and is a bit unsettled. Anyway, had some fab pics done at boots last week by a prof photographer which I get next Saturday. I can't wait. Look out on member profiles, there'll be heaps on there no doubt this time next week.

lou33 Sat 09-Jul-05 20:44:47

i would love to but it isn't possible

your dd will be a teen before i get to meet her at this rate!

Janh Sat 09-Jul-05 20:47:23

Oh I would love to too (hence first post!)

Could be the heat, it's hard for little babies to get away from. Do you have a fan?

DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 20:49:13

no I don't . She's gone off now, i'm going to open a bottle and get some choc and then maybe scan on a pic for you both to brighten up the evening a bit.

tomasinatank Sat 09-Jul-05 20:49:41

Hi DelGirl

Tis me Starry but I have lost my log in details as 'starry' so am a female tank engine for the foreseeable
Would love to come but Dp is on business in Ireland that week and is hoping to be back Thursday but no promises. I intend to come if he gets back in time! Hopefully should know if he is going to be back at a reasonable hour by late afternoon of that day so shall confirm at the 11th hour if that is ok? Sorry to be a pain.
WOuld love to see you again as I am getting totally crap at making meet-ups primarliy due to his business commitments - h'uh! the cheek of it! How dare his job get in the way of my social life

DelGirl Sat 09-Jul-05 21:29:26

Hi Starry, I was going to do an acronym of your new name but then thought better of it lol. You may want to reconsider! Sorry no it would be TIAT so not so bad

It would be nice to see you so hope you'll be able to make it. If not, I'm sure there'll be another meet up soon.

DelGirl Sun 10-Jul-05 11:28:55


DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 08:42:50


DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 11:03:00


SPARKLER1 Mon 11-Jul-05 11:16:28

Hi DG - I should be free. Shall check with dh that he's going to be here that night.

Kittypickle Mon 11-Jul-05 14:24:36

Hi Delgirl ! Glad to hear you are both well. I'm very sorry but I'm not around on Thursday evening so I won't be able to make it. Hope it goes well and that you have a lovely time

DelGirl Mon 11-Jul-05 15:40:42

Hope you can make it Sparkler. Sorry you can't KP . I'm hosting it for a friend who's just started doing it, well, I don't think she's held a party yet. Any excuse for a get together

SPARKLER1 Mon 11-Jul-05 17:06:37

Don't know if you have seen my post re: mini IQ?

DelGirl Wed 13-Jul-05 11:47:02

another bump

SPARKLER1 Wed 13-Jul-05 11:50:23

Thanks for the invite DG - unfortunately I won't be able to make it this time. Good luck with your party. Hope it goes well.

jodee Thu 14-Jul-05 18:10:23

Hi Delgirl, I won't be able to make it either, I'm afraid. Bit short of funds and off on hols on 23rd - hope it goes really well for you.

Surfermum Mon 18-Jul-05 23:30:17

Hi Delgirl. Thanks for the invite. I won't be able to make it though, dh has a long job that day and won't be in until late evening. Have a good evening and see you soon.

SPARKLER1 Wed 20-Jul-05 07:26:37

Delgirl - shall definitely be able to come on Thursday - unless anything happens in the meantime!!! See you there!!!!

SPARKLER1 Thu 21-Jul-05 17:28:23

Is it okay to bring other people?

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