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Saffron Walden mums

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fruitflakesally Mon 25-Jan-10 19:12:25

Hi everone! I moved to Saffron Walden 18 months ago, and absolutley love it... and although I've met lots of lovely people I've not met a huge amount of mums! Partly my own fault as I work freelance (part-time ish) and find it hard to commit to regular play groups. Just wondered if theres anyone out there that fancies catching up with me and my little monster(who's 15 months)!

marriedtoagoodun Mon 25-Jan-10 19:16:32

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except I am not there yet - will you wait for me? grin I actually put a message up a few weeks ago asking for any hints about SW as we are moving there in March. My little girl is going to Dame Bradbury's and is 6 but loves babies. We have fostered a few and are not sure we will continue the fostering in SW so she would love a little playmate. Also she is at the age where she thinks it is thrilling to walk around a garden bent down to toddler height and look at weeds, pebbles, left over food etc Very handy for you 'cos you can eat biscuits and sip coffee in peace?

fruitflakesally Tue 26-Jan-10 08:59:44

|Ha ha of course I will wait for you!!! Where are you guys moving from?

marriedtoagoodun Tue 26-Jan-10 20:43:44

We are moving from Nottingham and will be living in Wimbish (DH is Officer in the Army) Rewind 6 years and we did exactly the same move - lived in Nottingham and moved to Wimbish. I was pregnant and had a wretched 18 months (no DH as two tours in iraq/afghanistan) and found the whole Wimbish/Saffron walden area really hard to make friends in. Mind you I did like the market... My little girl is soooooo excited going back to her 'tummy' home!! We lived at no 4 WWalk last time but will live at no 1 WWalk this time - ohh the excitment wink

fruitflakesally Wed 27-Jan-10 20:39:06

Wow, it sounded tough last time you were here... I'm sure this time will be so much better!! I actually live just down the road from Dame B's, so no excuses Do you fancy swapping emails so we can keep in touch in the run up to the big move?

zenda247 Wed 02-Apr-14 12:37:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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