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Suid-Afrikaners in Maidenhead/Henley

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cosmo Thu 30-Jun-05 10:14:41

I'd like to get in touch with South-africans in Maidenhead/Henley area. I'm afrikaans, and with a scottish husband, currently the only one speaking afrikaans to my 30 month old son. I'd love to hear from afrikaans parents whith kids around 2 and 3 years old,with the aim to meet up occasionally for informal play sessions and to show that it's not just their own parents who converse in this language.

QueenOfQuotes Thu 30-Jun-05 10:15:48

hey cosmo - have you had a look on here ??? There's LOADS of South Africans (and Zimbabweans) who speak Afrikaans on there - and I know there's loads living around that area.

cosmo Thu 30-Jun-05 11:13:41

Thanks Q of Q
I'll try the site.

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