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Croydon area event: Ladies Driving Challenge?

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Mo2 Fri 06-Jun-03 10:42:10

OK girls - how about this as a thought for the next Croydon & surrounding area meet-up....

Marie Curie (Cancer Charity) are looking for women's teams for their "Driving Challenge" at Kenley Aerodrome on Sun 20th July.
Your chance to drive double decker buses, tanks, milk floats etc all for charity/ sponsorship...

Sounds a real hoot... anyone interested in getting a 'Mumsnet' team together?

Look here for more info (under regional events).

Metrobaby Fri 06-Jun-03 11:47:58

A mumsnet team sounds like a great idea.

Count me in !

Metrobaby Mon 09-Jun-03 14:20:43

Isn't anyone else in Croydon interested ???

Sb34? soupy?? LadyP????

Where are you hiding you lot????

LadyP Mon 09-Jun-03 18:46:55

Er....Metrobaby, you KNOW what my driving is like!

M02, let me get back to you on this one

miriamw Mon 09-Jun-03 20:21:56

I looked at doing this last year - we thought of doing it as part of a hen-weekend. However the minimum sponsorship (£75 per head) was a bit steep for us (sad gits who all have the same set of friends), and in the end the selection of vehicles wasn't quite as marvellous as predicted (certainly no hovercraft!)

I think also that it felt as if it was going against the grain to ask for sponsorship for something that was essentially a fun day out for the girls - I more associate sponsorship with something that involves suffering say, but that's just my view I'm afraid.

sb34 Wed 11-Jun-03 20:10:24

Message withdrawn

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