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SUTTON COLDFIELD (Surrounding Areas) - Girlie Night out

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ronniebaby Thu 23-Jun-05 22:54:33

Anyone up for another one of these????

Any dates, places, poss somewhere we can sit outside.

I'll have a look when I'm next in Sutton

fishfinger Thu 23-Jun-05 22:55:51

go to the restarurant int he park near the four oaks gate
byt he lake

ronniebaby Thu 23-Jun-05 22:56:55

The boathouse or La reserve

ronniebaby Thu 23-Jun-05 22:57:20

Oops La reserve is by Boldmere Gate, there is one by Town gate I think

ronniebaby Thu 23-Jun-05 23:10:29

We talking July or August?????

invisiblegirl Thu 23-Jun-05 23:11:43

fish - where did you live in Sutton?

ronniebaby Thu 23-Jun-05 23:28:03

I think she swam away

Invis you come to this one????

HappyHuggy Thu 23-Jun-05 23:28:37

im going to come to this one too!!!

ronniebaby Fri 24-Jun-05 13:01:24

<<<<<< shamless bump >>>>>>>>

WigWamBam Fri 24-Jun-05 13:06:20

Me, me, me, me, me!

fishfinger Fri 24-Jun-05 13:13:53

clarence gardens

MadameButterfly Fri 24-Jun-05 15:07:32

Me please.

I would prefer July 10-22 or August 21-31.

chonky Fri 24-Jun-05 15:11:13

Fishy - when were you there? I used to live just round the corner from there (about 20 years ago!)

LunarSea Sun 26-Jun-05 21:59:27

Possibly - with the usual proviso that it's somewhere findable even if you don't know Sutton and are not an ace map reader.

ronniebaby Wed 29-Jun-05 20:43:05

As with Solihull - wedn's are best for me, but can poss do a thurs if necess

13th - 20th - 27th - July ???? any pref's

10th - 17th - 24th - 31st - Aug any pref's???

LunarSea Wed 29-Jun-05 21:32:00

Ok for any of those at the moment.

MadameButterfly Thu 30-Jun-05 21:01:41

HI all,

I can't do 27th July or 10th August, but any other the others should be ok

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 21:41:32

Oh can I come???
I use to live in Streetly Mom still does...I could combine the vist with the old battle axe with a MN meetup.

WigWamBam Thu 30-Jun-05 21:47:48

As far as I can see, I'm OK for any of those dates at the moment.

HappyHuggy Thu 30-Jun-05 21:50:18

nice to see you else where by the way wwb - just jump right in its fab

ronniebaby Thu 30-Jun-05 21:58:12

jayzmummy - yeh you very welcome

mummyhill Sun 03-Jul-05 20:51:11

Make it after the 17th July (when i start holiday followed by matty leave) and you can count me in will have to get a sitter if it is a tuesday or thursday though!!!

jampots Sun 03-Jul-05 20:54:58

dh on days next week and then 2 weeks of nights followed by holiday for a week and a half so I wont be able to join in 'til w/b 8th or 15th August

jayzmummy Sun 03-Jul-05 20:57:18

A Friday would be good for me...I can drive up to Sutton from Devon on the Thursday night and stay over for the weekend with my mum.

ronniebaby Sun 03-Jul-05 23:12:54

So are we going to do July 17th???

Also when in August

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