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Just moved to needed!

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MrsKing Tue 21-Jun-05 20:44:30

Hi, I've just moved from London to Kettering with my DH and DD (17 months).

Does anyone know any good Mother and Toddler groups where I can meet other Mums? Would be great to hear from anyone else in the Northants area.


QueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Jun-05 20:46:55

Hi MrsKing - I'm 20 minutes down the road from you in Wellingborough - so afraid I don't know any mum's and toddler groups close to you.

MrsKing Tue 21-Jun-05 21:12:02

Thanks anyway! Anything good happening in Wellingborough?

I am a stay at home Mum, looking for stuff to do in the local area during the day.

hollybelle Wed 22-Jun-05 10:59:40

Hi there
I live in Market Harborough with dh,ds 3 and dd 13 months. Not too far away!
I'm sure there are quite a few groups in Kettering. I know that there are a couple at brewsters playbarn and at the pub on the leisure village estate. Ask your Health Visitor if you're stuck as ours had a leaflet on what to do with under 5's in our area.

MrsKing Wed 22-Jun-05 11:46:06

Thanks Hollybelle

The HV did give me a list but you know what its like, I wasn't sure how friendly they would be! I'm sure they would be fine, but its nice to hear from someone who has actually been.

My DD used to go to nursery whilst I worked part-time in London so I'm keen that she keeps socialising with other children of a similar age.

What kind of things do you get up to? I need to get motivated!

fisil Wed 22-Jun-05 11:47:19

Lol at the title to this thread. Having grown up in the area and now living in London I know what you mean!

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-05 11:51:22

I'm in Bedford - so a bit further south.
It took me a while to find good places to take ds (15mo) but I take him to a swimming class once a week and he goes to nursery 5 mornings. Have you met your HV yet? Ours did a little class on a tues morning for 3 hours or so - so got to hear of a lot of things that way. also doctors surgery sometimes has leaflets up or village halls?

MrsKing Wed 22-Jun-05 16:46:04

I know fisil! Do I sound desperate?

Didn't quite mean to sound like I literally needed help.

MrsKing Wed 22-Jun-05 16:46:48

I grew up in Corby do you find living in London fisil?

QueenOfQuotes Wed 22-Jun-05 16:47:03

TraceyK - there's not really a lot to do in Bedford though, Wellingborough is only a fraction the size of Bedford, but it's got about 3 times the number of mum and toddler groups

TracyK Wed 22-Jun-05 16:53:03

any in the afternoons in wellingborough QofQ??

QueenOfQuotes Wed 22-Jun-05 16:54:37


TracyK Wed 22-Jun-05 16:56:33

I would make the trip for some if any are open to foreigners! ds sleeps from 1-3 so I could travel up during tat time.

fisil Wed 22-Jun-05 17:48:28

Love London, MrsKing - wouldn't ever move (well unless for a very good reason)

MrsKing Wed 22-Jun-05 18:47:52

We decided after 8 fantastic years that London was no longer the place for us....we were also struggling with no babysitters whatsoever so decided to come back up north to be closer to our families.

Living in a small town again does take some getting used to. I miss getting on the tube and being in central London in 15 minutes!

hollybelle Thu 23-Jun-05 09:51:14

Hi Mrs King
I used to live in Kettering until 2000 but I still work there (only 2 days though). I'm originally from Stoke on Trent.
There are lots of groups here but I'm always abit wary about how friendly they are. I took my son to an art class for about 6 months, it was only a small group but most of them knew each other so it was a bit clicky. I take them to a music and dance group which is run by the college here and I go to a mums and tots group at the playbarn here (again most people seem to know each other but at least my son enjoys himself!!) I'm stuck in the house at the moment as dd has chicken pox.
I bet Kettering is a shock to the system after London.

MrsKing Thu 23-Jun-05 15:31:29

Hi Hollybelle

I am originally from Corby so I do have some knowledge of the area, although I did go to Keele Uni which is your neck of the woods!

I was hoping to get to know some people prior to going to Mother and Toddler groups. I have had the same experience and have found them a bit clicky. It is quite difficult to make new friends when evryone has already settled into groups. None of my friends here have children so I would like to get to know some local Mums but its knowing where to go to meet nice people. lol.

Oh well I guess I just need to be brave and bite the bullet. I'm going to pick one and give it a go next week, I'll report back! Is the playbarn in MH?

I'm actually finding Kettering a lot nicer than London. We'd had enough of certain aspects of city living. My DD has some grass to run around on and our neighbours don't have parties until 5am!!! But I guess there is a downside to living in a small town as well. My MIL is only ever 5 minutes away!

hollybelle Sat 25-Jun-05 09:42:59

I suppose it can be useful having MIL near to but I think it would be my worst nightmare!!
What did you study at Keele? Did you used to go out in Newcastle? I trained and lived at the hospital there.

MrsKing Sat 25-Jun-05 23:07:23


I studied business admin and sociology from 93-96. Lived in Newcastle for a year, in Clayton (briefly) and then on Liverpool Road (I think that was the Cross Heath area?) Used to frequent the Cube nightclub and The Place in Hanley. Those were the days.

Where did you live?

hollybelle Sun 26-Jun-05 20:03:46

hi Mrs King
I'm from Weston Coyney originally. I used to live in the hospital accomodation in Hartshill. Moved down to Kettering in 1993 (bit of a shock) and I'm still working there now!
Used to go to The Place( Its closed down now after all those years!)and lots of other places that I can't even remember the name of now, I think the Cube used to be called Ritzy!
Its all a distant memory now I'm married with children.

HellKat Mon 27-Jun-05 18:00:22

Finally some Northants mums!
I'm in Kettering. Moved here 2 yrs ago so not 100% familiar with the area.
Have 2 ds's one aged 13 and little is 1.

HellKat Mon 27-Jun-05 18:01:19

P.s also moved from London too.

MrsKing Mon 27-Jun-05 19:04:44

Hi Hellkat

How are you finding Kettering 2 years in?

HellKat Tue 28-Jun-05 15:21:16

Alot nicer than North London!
Apparently, the lovely area I was in has now been reduced to a druggy hole .
The people are nicer here etc. What about you? How do you find it?

MrsKing Tue 28-Jun-05 19:51:10

Oh it is definitely much nicer here. We lived in the Surrey Quays/Deptford Park area and although we had a fab Victorian house next to a park there were loads of renters so we had terrible noise problems, rubbish and general anti-social behaviour!!!

London was definitely getting worse, not better (unless you've got loads of money of course and can live somewhere posh .) I miss the shops and my friends but not much else I'm afraid.

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