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Anyone near Woking or Camberley??

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mumgoingmad Thu 16-Jun-05 12:03:42

Hi there, im new to this site. not long lived in the area. looking to meet other mums in the Woking or Camberley area. im just about to move to Deepcut from Pirbright. i have a little boy who is nearly 2 and a little girl who is 3 months. we are all going mad stuck in the house!! email me at :-)

Eshay Fri 17-Jun-05 10:26:12

Hi Mumgoingmad,

I am in Farnborough, which is not too far from Deepcut. I've only been in this area for a few months so I'm also keen to meet with people. I have an 11-month old boy and am newly pg again, due in Jan.

mumgoingmad Fri 17-Jun-05 10:32:02

hi Eshay
well what an exciting time for you...i loved being pregnant but it is exhausting when you have another little one. we actually move to deepcut on monday. do you want to email me aswell as writing here as im not really to sure what i am doing here. my email address is
it would be really good to meet up with some people in this area.

Eshay Fri 17-Jun-05 10:53:54

Looks to me like you're doing fine here. There's not much more to it than posting messages and that seems to be working. Also, if you want more people to notice your thread, it is best to keep adding to it so it appears at (or near) the top of the long list of meet-ups.
Shall we let you deal with your move first and try and meet up a bit later? Good luck with all the packing, which I'm sure you're in the middle of now.

mumgoingmad Fri 17-Jun-05 11:09:56

ok....pleased this is actually working! to be honest im not doing any packing. my husband is in the army so we sign for our new house monday morning then thursday a removal team come and pack all our stuff, move it then unpack it at the other end. all i have to worry about is the kids and the dog! ive been looking into meeting up with people in the area but up til now its been difficult with a toddler and a new born. now lucy is a little older it makes life easier. cant wait to move though..already arranged going to some mother and toddler groups and play groups for my son.

mumgoingmad Fri 17-Jun-05 14:27:14

anyone else in the area fancy meeting up?? there are some wizzy kids places in the area with soft play zones. perhaps a meet up at one could be arranged

mumgoingmad Sun 19-Jun-05 18:28:45


Ameriscot2005 Sun 19-Jun-05 18:35:14

A great place in the area, especially in this fab weather, is the Lookout in Bracknell. They have the most fab playground and an indoor science centre.

mumgoingmad Mon 20-Jun-05 01:17:38

sounds great..unfortuantly i dont drive so although that isnt too far from me i wouldnt be able to get there

mumgoingmad Tue 21-Jun-05 14:13:53


Eshay Tue 21-Jun-05 17:35:30

Hi again,

i haven't deserted you, I'm just very busy at the moment as I have just returned to work. How did the big move go?

mumgoingmad Tue 28-Jun-05 23:13:28

hi there

the move went ok actually much less stressful than expected. now comes the fun part of buying new furniture for the extra space.

wont be on here much til the internet is up and running properly but its nice to see people are still here chatting

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