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Music Group for Toddlers in Harrogate

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elliemay Thu 16-Jun-05 09:34:30

Hi! Not sure if I'm posting on the right thread, but I saw there was a Harrogate meet up thread and though I might find some of you on here! I'm starting up a number of music groups for toddlers and babies in Harrogate and the surrounding area with a friend of mine. We've been to a few and they've been so expensive that we thought we'd start our own. If anyone wants any information about them or has any suggestions (which would be gratefully received) you can email me at Many thanks, Ellie

northerner Thu 16-Jun-05 09:37:46

Hi! I'm in Harrogate and would be interested in this. Where are you holding them and when?

elliemay Thu 16-Jun-05 09:42:32

We're looking at a number of venues - mostly based on the cost of the venue so that we can keep our costs down, so we're looking at church halls etc. At the moment we have found good venues in Bilton, Jennyfields and Knaresborough, and one at Hookstone, near Morrisons, although I don't know how accessible that is for most people. We've had a fair amount of interest for the Bilton andd Jennyfields venues so they will be starting first. How old is your little one?

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