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Guardianangel Mon 13-Jun-05 14:08:58

Any one there for a meet up in JULY

FrenchGirl Mon 13-Jun-05 14:34:28

I wish Guardianangel!! My mum is from round there.... (Capendu, Carcassonne area). Do you live there?

Guardianangel Mon 13-Jun-05 19:53:53

We have a second home out there in a village a few miles out of Limoux. I love Carcassonne, no doubt you have been to the walled city.

FrenchGirl Mon 13-Jun-05 20:20:11

I spent lots of holidays visiting my grand-parents who used to live in Carcassonne, and playing alomg the walls and in the old city. Lots of great memories (and great meals!). They also used to have a few little vineyards (like many people did), and they were so beautiful, with figtrees, peachtrees, roses, etc.... And we used to go and visit the chateaux cathars quite often too. I can't wait to take dd on hols there one day. You're very lucky to have a holiday home there. Do you go often?

Guardianangel Mon 13-Jun-05 20:32:21

About 4 times a year and maybe the odd weekend if we can get a good deal on flights. Ds loves it 3.5yrs and speaks reasonable french too. Do you speak French?

FrenchGirl Tue 14-Jun-05 09:46:27

I am French Guardianangel! DH is british and dd is bilingual. That's wonderful for your ds!

Guardianangel Tue 14-Jun-05 12:43:11

tee hee, your name should of given me a clue . Yes ds loves the language and constantly asks me what this and that is in French. shamefully I dont know all the answers. I often search for playgroups/ toddler groups that he could join on a casual basis when I am out there but it doesnt seem to be as popular out there as it is here. I thought that way he could enjoy the language while he is playing.

ggglimpopo Fri 17-Jun-05 08:46:35

Message withdrawn

Guardianangel Fri 17-Jun-05 11:17:34

ggglimpopo, Not sure what CAT is?

Tortington Fri 17-Jun-05 11:28:17

CAT= Contact ANother Talker - see the tabs at the top of this page.

you may want to also check your personal profile - again in the tabs at the top of the page - to see whether youhave a current e-mail address.

Guardianangel Fri 17-Jun-05 17:57:24

okeydokey, thanks

ggglimpopo Tue 21-Jun-05 16:33:17

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Tue 21-Jun-05 16:42:46

Message withdrawn

ggglimpopo Tue 21-Jun-05 16:42:47

Message withdrawn

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