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Other mums in Tooting?

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AnnaCK Fri 03-Jun-05 09:04:11

I am moving to Tooting this summer/autumn with a 6 year old. Would love info on the area and to chat with other parents of school-age kids. Any tooting mumsnetters out there?

cottonball Tue 07-Jun-05 13:19:01

Heeeeello Anna, I live in between Wandsworth common and tooting common, i moved here in January, so six months ago. I have a 9 yr old and 11 yr old, and also an 18 mnth old baby.

Where are you moving from? i'm still getting to know the area, and trying to make local friends for my girls, to the point that i am thinking of enrolling them into the local brownies, what better way for them to know other children? So please, keep me posted and maybe we can go and search the area together.... it would be nice. See you soon, cottonball

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