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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Clifton mums

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DimpleChin Tue 01-Sep-09 15:18:40

Any Clifton mums out there? Would love to hook up with some - have lived here a year and still rely on my 'mum friends' from farther afield. As not v gd at the whole 'mother and toddler group' thingy, feel a bit stranded If things get any more lonely I may start talking to strange women with sprogs in tow at the duck-pond, lol! shock

Knakard Wed 30-Sep-09 23:10:48

clifton as in notts?

queenofdenial2009 Thu 01-Oct-09 22:26:00

Or as in Bristol?

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