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Mumsnet break.

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Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:45:03

Anyone fance a few days away? Id like to get away for a short break 1 or 2 nights. Somewhere either very relaxing or lots of excitement. Just a break away will do me the world of good.

Any1 like to join me?
Any suggestions where?

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:45:52

im up for it..... london? may be a bit pricey though....

Where is everyone who is interested and see what we can work out!

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:46:57

I dont mind traveling. Ireland would be good but that is expensive. Could bag myself an irish hunk though!

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 18:47:16

ooh yes! Would be fun!

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:48:57

Well thats three of us, where and when are the questions now!

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:49:39

stratford on avon would be nice for you all (then Id come down and meet you)

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:49:42

Well i live in Colchester....

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:50:31

loads to see and do with or without kids, pubs/restaurants, the river is just gorgeous, butterfly farm, etc etc etc

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 18:51:25

haven't been to Stratford Upon Avon for years. Gorgeous there!

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:51:32

We are talking strictly NO KIDS arent we?!

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:52:10

i live about half an hour from there Mars

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 18:52:18


MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 18:52:42

then I'm coming to visit you no matter what!

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:52:59

STRICTLY no children and I will repremand any1 who thinks about bringing them!!!!

This is an adult only, stress free, relaxing break. Im going with or without you lot!!!!!

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:53:32

So is it Stratford upon Avon then?

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:53:47

slight hitch - i will have one child with me - but wont be in the way i promise..... its in my belly!!!

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:54:07

where is stratford upon avon?! im being stupid now!

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:54:55

jessicasmummy -

MarsLady Sat 28-May-05 18:54:58

bumps allowed.

So, when?

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:55:25

just off M40!!! towards Brum

essbee Sat 28-May-05 18:55:53

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Sat 28-May-05 18:56:03

i may have to search!!!

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:56:45

Bring the bump provided it doesnt scream when we have a meal. LOL

jampots Sat 28-May-05 18:57:14

Stratford isnt ^just^ Shakespeare

Louise1980 Sat 28-May-05 18:57:14

Search what for JM?

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