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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Looking for mums in West of Scotland

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PotPourri Fri 27-May-05 22:31:05

Hi all. I am just about to move up to Scotland from London (back home for me), to North Lanarkshire, and I wondered if there are any lovely mumsnetters in the area. It would be great to chat and possibly meet up.

starshaker Fri 27-May-05 22:33:21

i live in east ayrshire which is a bit away but go to glasgow when i can which isnt so far

Aimsmum Mon 30-May-05 13:23:28

Message withdrawn

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 13:31:34

PotPourri - I'm in Falkirk which isn't that far away!

There is a big Scottish Meet-up in Edinburgh at the end of July if you want to come along. People are travelling from all over the Central Belt.

sammac Mon 30-May-05 13:44:53

I'm just outside of Glasgow, in a village to the north. Wherabouts are you moving to?

tassis Mon 30-May-05 13:50:00

Hi Pot Pourri, I'm in Stirling! Hope the move goes well.

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 13:52:40

Tassis - Are you coming along to the "Great Scottish Meet-up"?

tassis Mon 30-May-05 13:54:55

Hi Toothache, you know I think I might, must find the thread. How're you?

Toothache Mon 30-May-05 14:00:41

Tassis - I'd do a link, but I'm crap at thread links! Och I'm fine... trotting along.

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