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Anyone in Southport or Tarleton?

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kazoo Thu 26-May-05 15:24:55

New to the site and would love to meet up with anyone in the west lancashire area, particularly Southport or Tarleton?

Twiggi Fri 17-Jun-05 13:05:54

Hi Kazoo, My name is Sarah, I'm 26 and live in Southport with my partner and my 2 Boys -Christopher (6) and Benjamin (13 weeks).

kazoo Sun 19-Jun-05 21:46:55

Hello, hello, hello Sarah!
Was beginning to think I should repost and spread the net a bit further when I saw you had posted! How exciting!
My name is Vikki, I'm 29 and live in Tarleton with my partner and my ds-Rory (18 months) and dd-Evie (21 weeks).
Which part of Southport are you in? I'm originally from Ainsdale but we moved here 2 years ago.

Piggiesmum Sun 19-Jun-05 22:03:22

Hi. I'm in Tarleton too.

Expecting baby #1 at the end of October.

Hope you don't mind me asking but where did you give birth and what was it like there?

kazoo Sun 19-Jun-05 22:18:15

Both dd and ds were born at Ormskirk Hospital. Ds was born before the new maternity unit was built and due to complications I spent 5 wks there and I hated it. However, dd was born in the new bit and it is so much better. There were last minute problems with the birth and the staff were excellent particularly on the antenatal and labour wards.
I wasn't allowed to choose the midwife led unit at Southport because of the probs with ds. I prob. wouldn't have chosen it anyway because you can't have an epidural if you go there and I knew I definately wanted one.

Twiggi Mon 20-Jun-05 12:14:20

Hi Vikki!
My brother lives in Tarleton too, he moved to the new housing estate last year. How do you find living in the sticks? lol. I live near Churchtown just off the top of Row Lane.
Your children have lovely names. How do you find having two close together? I should imagine it is quite challenging at times!! What made you decide to move to Tarleton from Ainsdale? x

kazoo Mon 20-Jun-05 13:21:19

Yes ,I live on the new housing estate too! We moved because we needed more bedrooms and we got a good deal at the time. We couldn't afford anything in Ainsdale that was the same size as this house or we would've stayed there. Sometimes feels abit isolated here but the people are very welcoming and everyone always says hello even if they don't know you. I think it is a really nice place to bring up the kids.
It was a deliberate decision to have 2 children close together because we wanted them to play together and for us to get over the lack of sleep etc.. all at once. The main challenges so far have been if one of them wakes up crying then the other one wakes up as well and taking them to the doctors and having to occupy them both while you wait. Otherwise it's not too bad.
How are you coping with your youngest? Are you getting much sleep? Dd is a big baby and she hates this hot weather it makes her so restless.

Twiggi Mon 20-Jun-05 17:11:40

I know what you mean, Tarleton is a nice area and the new estate is lovely. My youngest is great, we've been really lucky. He slept through the night at 1 week old! He went to bed between 9/10pm and slept through till 8am. We thought it was just a one off at first but it happened every night after that - we couldn't believe it. I've managed to bring his bedtime down to 8pm but he likes to have a scream before he will fall asleep! Benjamin is also a big baby and is hungary all the time - I started him on hungrier baby milk a few weeks ago but he is still really hungry after an 8floz bottle so I've started him on a spoonful of baby rice with his teatime bottle. Bit early for weaning I know (14 weeks) but I weaned ds1 around this age to as he was also very hungary and it didn't do him any harm.
The weather is so hot isn't it? Benjamin is sweating constantly!! I've just been dressing him in a vest to try and keep him cool. It seems to be making him irritable too.
Do you work Vikki? I'm on mat leave at the mo. I go back to work on the 24th August and I'm dreading it. I'm getting too used to being at home I think! I started my mat leave in Feb and thought 'ooh lovely, 6 months off work' but it has flown over! I'm not looking forward to paying the nursery fees either!

tubbytelly Tue 21-Jun-05 11:15:39

Hi I.m just down the road in Formby?
I am 35 have two children, 5 years and 9 months and would really appreciate a meetup with likeminded mums!!

Twiggi Tue 21-Jun-05 11:39:53

Hi tubbytelly. My Son goes to school in Formby, he is 6 and goes to Woodlands. Which school does your lo go to? I grew up in Formby and my parents lived there until recently but have now moved back to the North east where they are originally from.

jessysmummy Tue 21-Jun-05 12:05:05

Hi Folks!
I grew up in Formby. My mum, dad and brother still live there and my sister lives in Birkdale so I get over there least once a week. Still have some old friends there, too. Couldn't afford the house prices though so now live in Whiston (easier for commuting, too) with DH and DD (17 mths). DD2/DS due in sept.

Nemo1977 Tue 21-Jun-05 12:37:47

hi all not from southport but love to go there for days out, am in knowsley actually not far from jessymummy...if you were organising a meet up i wouldnt mind joining if thats ok

i am 27 and have ads who is 20mths and am due again in dec.

kazoo Tue 21-Jun-05 14:34:29

Hi tubbytelly, jessysmummy and nemo nice to know there are a few more of us in the area.

Hi Twiggi, I go back to work soon full time but in September I will be part time. I am off during the summer holidays as well which is great! Mil is going to have the children some of the time and they are going to nursery one day a week. Which nursery will you use?
V. jealous of your son sleeping through from week 1. Dd sleeps from 6-6 but it took a while to get there.

tubbytelly Wed 22-Jun-05 10:46:51

hi again. Would love to meet up with allof you, maybe we shouild try and arrange something for over the summer hols?

jessysmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 11:11:48

What about meeting somewhere like Farmer Ted's near Lydiate? Will give us mums a chance to chat over a cappucino and scrummy cake while the little ones go mad in the play area? Just a suggestion.

kazoo Thu 23-Jun-05 15:45:03

Sounds fab, never been to Farmer Ted's but heard it is v. good. Count me in! Not end of August though because I'm on my holiday.

jessysmummy Thu 23-Jun-05 16:31:20

Farmer Ted's is fab! They have loads of farmyard animals and demonstrations, a shed full of hay bales and slides, a big sand pit (covered), outdoor play area, even go karts if you're brave enough as well as the indoor play area (a bit like wacky warehouse, etc, except brighter and cleaner). There's something for all ages. And there's a large food area where you can get everything from a capuccino to a full meal. Has tonnes of parking too.
Anyway, as you may have gathered, I like it!

kazoo Fri 24-Jun-05 09:11:48

Well you've convinced me!

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