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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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MABS Wed 05-Aug-09 19:49:15

Hi girls - shall we get together in September? when suits?

Also, as i think some of you know - am arranging a ball for the Treveor Mann Baby Unit in Novermber this year. Anyone got any ideas on who i can approach for donations for our raffle etc?

anything would be useful , however small you think it is, it will all help..

Would love you all to come if you fancy it, but i understand it aint everyone's cup of tea xx

mumoverseas Thu 06-Aug-09 16:49:50

yay! was hoping there would be another meet up soon. I'm in the UK until 8th September then back to Saudi so would be great to have a meet up before I go back.

I posted already on your other thread MABS and will keep thinking of ideas for you. x

MABS Fri 07-Aug-09 13:57:13

Would be good to see you too, how does 5 Sept suit anyone?

(for info girlies,we not moving to middle east imminently )

2shoes Sat 08-Aug-09 19:19:31

oh ggod I was hoping we would meet up soon
I can do the 5th
would be lovely to see you before you go home mumoverseas.
I will send thread link to custy/Mamazon and Pesto(FB)

PestoMonster Sat 08-Aug-09 20:05:44

Thank you, I will probably be able to do 5th Sept too. smile

Tortington Sun 09-Aug-09 01:55:15

working on the 5th - have a lovely time xx

2shoes Sun 09-Aug-09 12:27:27


Mamazon Sun 09-Aug-09 22:31:57

thanks for the link 2shoes.

Yes i can do the 5th too. Would of course love to come along.

Mabs yes i got your text, will have a good think for you. whenever we've done charity auctions we have basically sent a standard begging request letter to pretty much every local company, however big or small asking for anything they feel they would be able to donate.

you'd be a,azed at some of the things people put forward.

a local hotel offered an entire wedding!! (venue, meal for 50 and bridal suite)

MABS Mon 10-Aug-09 18:10:59

glad you can do 5th Mamazon, many thanks re charity ideas , will write some letters x

mumoverseas Mon 10-Aug-09 18:28:45

I should be able to come too as don't go back to KSA til the 8th. DH had arranged for us to see some friends in Essex on the 5th but hopefully he is changing it to the Sunday.

MABS Mon 10-Aug-09 18:56:54

marvellous mos

2shoes Tue 11-Aug-09 14:41:30


ErikaMaye Fri 14-Aug-09 17:21:15

Would it be okay if I joined you?

2shoes Fri 14-Aug-09 23:06:57

oh please do

Tortington Fri 14-Aug-09 23:07:41


ErikaMaye Sat 15-Aug-09 10:25:36

MABS - Just had a thought, don't know if it will be much use to you. But Argos tend to be quite good for raffles, with gift cards. My mum does a lot of the Sea Cadets charity raffles, and they approach hair salons and spas as well

PestoMonster Sat 15-Aug-09 17:21:38

Does anyone know where we're going?

MABS Sat 15-Aug-09 17:31:27

where d'you fancy pesto? x

PestoMonster Sat 15-Aug-09 17:50:54



MABS Sat 15-Aug-09 18:09:17

somewhere with a loo i guess pesto?! ;-)

2shoes Sat 15-Aug-09 18:13:45

la tasca or what ever it is called, no doubt they will be running some deal that will make it cheaper??

MABS Sat 15-Aug-09 18:17:05

good idea 2shoes. or leonardo in hove are doing half price on everything if you have a starter and main (not near brighton station tho)

anyone else got any credit cruch friendly ideas?

mumoverseas Sat 15-Aug-09 18:45:02

anywhere with pork and wine as I'm back to KSA a few days later grin

PestoMonster Sat 15-Aug-09 19:38:02

Hey MABS, have got 2/3 loos up & running now <<faints>>
possibly we will be able to use the shower tomorrow mornign too, the plumbers came whilst we were at the gym grin

2shoes Sat 15-Aug-09 19:40:54

how far into hove?, we could always meet at the station and get a bus.

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