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Moving back to Oxfordshire soon, hopefully. Wondered if theres anyone in that area wants to get to know me!

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jemimah Mon 23-May-05 12:19:06

I am currently in Wiltshire, but hopefully should be moving back to Oxfordshire (my home territory!) and although I have friends and family there none of them have babies (they have older children) and I was wondering if there is anyone to chat to from that area with children of similar ages. My son is 7 months. It will be in west oxfordshire I will be moving to, but anyone from oxon who wants to chat will be welcomed!!

isobelsmum Sun 19-Jun-05 14:53:50

Hi, have just started a thread on the other subjects list, asking if there are any mumsnetters in Oxford. A friend (who's really ahd a hard time lately) is in the process of moving there and althoughshe needed to get away from her old place she will beisolated in Oxford. CAT me if interested.

doraexplorer Fri 24-Jun-05 20:08:22


Don't know if i count.
Border wilts/oxon near Faringdon. My parents live in Standlake and MIL is in Witney so quite often visit that way.

Have two daughters aged 4/5 (going on 13) and a 3 year old. Also childmind.

Speak soon?

jemimah Fri 24-Jun-05 21:14:34

Thanks for your reply. I am now moving to glos as its the only place we can get a place. But its moreton in marsh as its only a few mins away from my mum in oxon. I vaguely know faringdon, standlake too. I know witney! If you'd like to keep chatting that would be great.x

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