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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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bigloudvoice Mon 16-May-05 14:57:26


I posted here once quite a while ago and then lo & behold my computer died on me but now have a lovely new one so here goes again....would like to meet/chat with some other Bath area mums as I am feeling a bit lonesome!!. I am 39, live in Batheaston and have a ds who has just turned a year old. Go to a few playgroups in the area etc. but would really like to expand my network of mums & get out & about this summer so if anyone fancies a picnic in Vicky Park or going swimming etc. then give me a shout!!! Look forward to hearing from you ladies....

noma Mon 16-May-05 15:31:15

HI i am 42 and live central to Bath i have 2 children 2 and 5 months nice to know there are older moms about dont go to any play groups i dont think i will fit in to all that i am quiet a shy person.

fillyoung Tue 17-May-05 10:00:05

A friend and I, have decided to start up a group called STILL-ME, organising evenings out and afternoons of pampering and relaxation, without the kids. We are both Mum's living in Bath. I am 37 year's old and have a five year old son.
We are holding our first evening, a wine tasting, on Friday June 17th at Great Western Wine (the bottom of Wellsway, Bath). So if you fancy escaping for a couple of hours, have some fun and meet like-minded mums, please come along, we'd love to meet you. Tickets cost £5 in advance (we need to confirm numbers with Great Western Wine). Look forward to hearing you..........

tallyp Tue 17-May-05 10:34:06

hi Fillyoung
sounds a good idea-what are you planning? Can you tell me a bit more and would it be ok to come on my own as I'm new to bath?

fillyoung Tue 17-May-05 10:39:37

Hi tallyp

the wine tasting evening is really just an opportunity to get like-minded mum's together and plan future events. We are thinking of an afternoon at Clifton Relaxation Centre, a pottery and pizza evening, a salsa and tapas evening and an afternoon of yoga and relaxation. Any other suggestions would be welcome! Don't worry about coming along on your own a lot of other people will be coming on their own too. The aim of the evening is to make new friends in the area

tallyp Tue 17-May-05 10:45:40

Thanks for that...I think about it and get back to you-there is one mum I know who might like to come with me so I'll check with her first. How will I get in touch with you again? Through mumsnet?

fillyoung Tue 17-May-05 10:49:24

you can chat to me on mumsnet or if you are interested in coming along email me on We are putting together our website, but it does provide our contact details. Hope to speak to you soon

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