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essex /e london area

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loulabelle222 Sun 15-May-05 19:40:50

hi i am from ilford in essex , with a 13m old ds1 anyone else from the essex area? do you know of any mother and toddler groups?

bubbaloo Sun 15-May-05 20:25:15

hi loulabelle,
i used to live in barkingside but now live just up the road in chadwell heath.
we're expecting our first baby in about 3 weeks and im also looking to meet mums and babies.
dont know of any groups in ilford but try ringing redbridge council on 0208 478 3020-im sure they'll help you with groups near to where you live.where abouts in ilford are you?

Pinotmum Sun 15-May-05 20:30:37

Hiya loulabelle222, I know there used to be a M&T group on Clements Road at the Salvation Army Church (near Child's Play).

Flossam Sun 15-May-05 20:35:02

Ohhh, I'm in Barking!! Bugger all here mother an baby wise, but Ilford seems a little more civilised! I usually walk up there whenever possible rather than go to Barking town centre! My Ds has just turned 6 months.

bubbaloo Sun 15-May-05 20:55:38

hi pinotmum,
hope you are well.the other thread seems to have died out completely-i must have scared everyone off

loulabelle222 Sun 15-May-05 21:10:25

i live just around the corner to the exchange , just off of cranbrook road.

Pinotmum Sun 15-May-05 21:36:08

Hi Bubbaloo. Not long to go now is there
Have you got your bag ready? Are you on Maternity Leave yet? The Essex thread never really got going did it, never mind

Loulabelle222, I am an Ilford girl born and bred but now live in Chadwell Heath. I visit Ilford alot though 'cos parents still live there though do prefer Romford for Shopping if I'm honest but don't want to start a fight .

bubbaloo Sun 15-May-05 21:42:01

oh yes-bags are packed and im dreading it!!!
have been on maternity leave about 3 or 4 weeks now which is great.
cant quite believe its come round so quick

Pinotmum Sun 15-May-05 21:54:18

Oh don't be worrying about it. I was petrified but survived . I'm send you good vibes via the web ~~~~~~~~~~~ now you'll sail through it

bubbaloo Sun 15-May-05 21:55:57

cheers-lets hope they work!!!

loulabelle222 Sun 15-May-05 22:35:25

no i don't like ilford much so u haven't offended me. Romford and lakeside are much better shopping any day! Too be honest the people in romford p* me off !

loulabelle222 Sun 15-May-05 22:35:59

people in ilford i mean not romford! Some people here are so rude!

loulabelle222 Sun 15-May-05 22:36:46

btw bubbaloo - good luck you'll be fine , are u having the baby at king george?

Flossam Sun 15-May-05 22:37:11

I've never made it out as far as Romford. Managed to walk from Ilford to Chadwell heath the other day inadvertantly though, which I thought was quite impressive!

bubbaloo Mon 16-May-05 11:18:01

blimey flossam,thats a bit of a walk
no im not having the baby at king georges-im having him at harold wood hospital as king georges was quite full.i dont actually mind as i know a few people who have had their babies there and it seems quite nice,so i'll have to wait and see.only down side is i live 2 mins from king georges and about 20 from harold wood so as long as he's not born on the eastern avenue i think i'll be ok

loulabelle222 Mon 16-May-05 11:32:19

its a good thing !i had my baby at king georges and i felt like it was supposed to be this amazing experience but as i am young (19) they treated me like a silly little girl (even though dp was with me) they were rude and didn't even hand baby to me after i had him they left him on the side walked away and left me. I had him at 8.45pm and didnt get stiched up till . I think that is disgusting. The midwives were really horrible and what was supposed to be an amazing experience turned out to be a really horrible and upsetting one. Couldn't wait to get out of there

bubbaloo Mon 16-May-05 12:01:44

oh no-thats awful loulabelle
obviously im hoping everything runs smoothly but you can never tell.must admit though,each time i've been to harold wood everyone has seemed really nice and very professional so i guess i'll just have to wait and see

Jangel Mon 16-May-05 12:15:09

hello all..

Im in Dagenham, Im new to these boards too..

I have 3 children, boy of 9 and boy/girl twins aged 17 months..

Nice to 'meet' you all..

bubbaloo Mon 16-May-05 12:19:33

hi jangel,

nice to see some more local mums

Pinotmum Mon 16-May-05 15:10:15

Loulabelle, that's awful I had both my babies in King Georges and both times were fine but I think they are going a bit down hill due to being sooooo busy. What I find is I can't get to see a HV for love nor money in this area and that annoys me a bit. I have a 4.6 yo and a 2.6 yo and haven't seen a HV since the younger one was 8 months.

Nice to meet you Jangel btw

loulabelle222 Mon 16-May-05 15:54:57

same here i saw her at 8 months and when baby was born not in between. I did try to ring but they didn't know who i was and they keep changing anyway so y b bothered!

Pinotmum Mon 16-May-05 16:29:54

I rang them recently and was told to go to the Health Centre in Seven Kings to get both dd and ds weighed and height checked. Turned up and there was no-one on Reception - stood there 20 mins waiting and nobody came so I went home

lukesmama Fri 20-May-05 11:27:09

Hi to Loulabelle,Flossam and Jangel
I am another Chadwell Heath mum and have an 18 month old DS.
Hi Pinotmum and Bubbaloo have not been on this board for a while as DS has decided to start waking every morning ar 4.30 or 5am so am trying to rest when he does, so that means not much time on the internet.
Bubbaloo, you must be getting excited with only 3 weeks to go, I had my DS at Harold Wood and they were nice, very busy but I think it is the same everywhere unfortunately.
Pinotmum, which health centre do you go to? that is disgraceful that you can't see the HV.I take DS to Annie Prendergast Health Centre and the HV have always been good there, and you can take them to get weighed etc on Wednesday or Fridays each week.
Anyway hi again to everyone, will try and get on here and chat more.

bubbaloo Fri 20-May-05 16:03:08

hi lukesmama,
yes im getting very excited now but also very scared!!
nice to hear of someone else who's been to harold wood too-i suppose it just depends on the day how busy they are and stuff like that but they do seem very nice each time i've had to go there.
its also nice to know that you take your ds to the annie prendergast centre as thats my doctor's too.i was thinking i'd also have to take the baby to seven kings but hopefully now you've said that,i'll just pop him along to the park-ha ha!!!
anyway...nice to hear from you again-im always around for a chat

Pinotmum Fri 20-May-05 21:19:38

Hi Lukesmama, funnily enough my Doctors are based at the Annie Prendergast Centre but I live in the Redbridge part of Chadwell Heath so my HV is Redbridge based. I used to take dd and ds to Essex Road to get them weighed and all the checks should be done through Redbridge but all the injections are done through the Doctors. Confused? I am. Anyway it's a shambles that I can't see a HV but if I had any rl concerns I would just see one of the GP's at Annie Prendergast. Have you been to their new site in the Park?

Hi Bubbaloo, be sure to let us know when the baby arrives

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