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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

NZ mumsnetters had great meet up

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sibble Sun 04-May-03 21:38:26

Mumsnetters in NZ recently had their first meeting and I personally had a great time as did DS. If you are out there Ghosty thanks. If there are any other mumsnetters in the Auckland area, get in touch and join our next meeting. If you are unsure of whether to go to your local get together, be brave and go I am sure you will have a great time.

Ghosty Mon 05-May-03 21:40:04

It was nice wasn't it Sibble? It seemed really strange to see this message ... I always look at the meet up threads and wish I could be in on them and now I am!!!!
So anyone in Auckland ... Britabroad, where are you? Let's get together ... Sibble and I are really nice ... honestly

mum2toby Mon 05-May-03 21:52:26

What time is it in NZ just now?

sibble Mon 05-May-03 23:20:11

We are 11 hours ahead of you which means it's interesting to read the threads in the morning here when some people have been on the wine and we are very sober!!! Makes it a bit boring in the afternoons though when DS is asleep and so are most of you.

mum2toby Mon 05-May-03 23:22:24

SO it's about 10am where you are?? Wahey!! I'm on the last dribble of wine before bed. I won't be so cocky tomorrow morning though!!

sibble Tue 06-May-03 01:12:36

Goodnight and happy hangover. Am between m/c and trying again at the moment and trying to be good with alcohol. Am just jealous of everybody enjoying a good glass or two before bed. DS also gets up at 5.30am, 5am this morning (little darling) and cannot function at that time if feeling hazy.

Ghosty Tue 06-May-03 02:45:05

Sibble .... snap! DS woke at 5.30 this morning ... yeaterday morning ... the morning before that ... and the one before that ... I am knackered!!!!

tigermoth Tue 06-May-03 19:28:11

glad you had a good time. It's really nice to converse here with people so far away. To me, you seem just as near as us Londoners

sibble Tue 06-May-03 20:50:21

It's also really nice to nosey in on everything back home. Am hoping to gatecrash one of the London meetings when back next. I love to look and remember Blue Water etc. Loved the bargain thread am really jealous cannot take up the offers. Ghosty - was 4.15 this morning and have to go into town this afternoon. Am already like a zombie. Think he definately has abnormal genes or is going to be a farmer.

Britabroad Thu 08-May-03 22:24:13

would love to meet up sometime. Let me know of your next get together

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