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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

New mums working in the City

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Janie7 Fri 06-May-05 18:18:57


Are there any new mums, working in the City, who would be interested in meeting for coffee or lunch? I am returning to work on Monday and would love to chat to other new mums who are returning, or have returned to work.

CountessDracula Fri 06-May-05 18:32:16

hmmm not new, dd is 2.5 and I went back to work when she was 8 monthsish

There is a city meetup on the go here

beachyhead Mon 09-May-05 18:30:44

Yes, come on Thursday - we are all very friendly - it is near Liverpool Street in a pizza place.

Sponge Tue 10-May-05 10:12:37

If you can't make Thursday (understand it might be a bit soon if you've only just gone back) then there is a meet-up every month so you're bound to be able to make one.

HandbagAddiction Tue 10-May-05 10:35:19

Janie7 - do join us if you can. We really are a friendly bunch....honest!!

KBear Tue 10-May-05 11:07:01

Hi Janie7,
I work in the City. Haven't been to a meet-up - am ridiculously nervous about it! My children are 6 and 3 so been back a while now! How's your first week back going?

Marina Tue 10-May-05 11:22:03

You're both welcome...don't be shy Kbear.
How's it going Janie7?

Janie7 Tue 17-May-05 09:10:29

Many thanks CountessDracula, beachyhead, Sponge, HandbagAddiction and Marina for inviting me to your meet-up; your invitation was really appreciated.

Sorry I could not make it, but last week, being my first week back at work, was not a great one! Perhaps I could come along for drinks next time?

KBear, many thanks for your response; I totally understand your nervousness about attending a meet-up. I am also a wee bit apprehensive but am hoping to have the courage to go out and meet other mums as I so want to be able to talk to people who understand how hard it is to be a working mum! If you like to chat by email for a while and then maybe consider a meet-up, that would be great.

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