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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Winchester mums...... want to meet up

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Katie73 Mon 18-May-09 17:02:03

Hi, we are new to the Winchester area - been here about 8 weeks have a 2.5 year old and am pregnant - due Sept. would love to meet other mums and kids for playground meet ups, coffees or something stronger in the evening!

Have created a facebook group called Winchester Mummies Group if anyone wants to join in.

Katie smile

Egg Mon 18-May-09 20:38:15

Hello whereabouts have you moved to? We moved to Winchester nearly two years ago when I was pregnant! Now have 3yr old DS1 and 16 month old DTs. Will have a look on FB for you!

I spend a lot of my life at the swings.....

Katie73 Tue 19-May-09 11:41:42

Hi Egg, was that you on facebook last night?

Your pics are lovely and the children look gorgeous! Guess you have your hands full with 3 x under 3's!

Shall we arrange to meet up?

We live just north of Winchester at the moment - just renting until we find the right place - but it takes only a couple of minutes to get into the town. Do you have a favourite park/ playground?

Katie xx

maltesers Tue 19-May-09 14:55:53

hello guys in Winchester, i am much older and have 3 kids, 8 years, 18 and 21 years but thought i would say hello as i live in Romsey... !!!!

Egg Tue 19-May-09 19:40:20

Hi katie and maltesers! Yes Katie that was me! Sorry not had time to reply had friends here today. We tend to go to our local swings a lot (next to River Park leisure centre). DS1's fave place though is the "town swings" as he calls them which is Abbey Gardens. I will mail you on FB.

Maltesers "much older" hmm. I guess you wouldn't want to spend too long at the swings these days then!

Katie73 Wed 20-May-09 09:37:52

Hi All,

Maltesers - why not bring your kids to the swings anyway? I believe quite a lot of teenagers hang out in Abbey Gardens from what I've seen!

Egg look forward to your note on FB when you have a moment - I know Abbey Gardens been there a few times and it's lovely - if only it had a cafe though!

We've been down to River Park for swimming quite a lot too Harry is v. into it at the mo.

Speak soon,


maltesers Wed 20-May-09 14:21:02

My youngest is 8 years and he still loves going to the park and tearing around... could pop by next week as its half term..
My dd is 18 years so too old for parks unless she is meeting mates for a large bottle of wine !!!!!!! hmm

maltesers Wed 20-May-09 14:23:24

Was it hubbies job that brought you to Winchester ??? Its a really nice place to live.... a good civilized catchment area i would think for primary schools.... and playgroups.

Katie73 Wed 20-May-09 15:49:29

Hi, yes it was hubbies job that brought us here as he was commuting the coast route from Brighton to Micheldever and it was grim on a daily basis! So we've swapped and now I do the commuting - but not as bad for me.

Just looking for somewhere permanent to live now, but housing market difficult and not much to choose from!

Oh, I remember the bottle of "Thunderbird" on a Friday night in the park before underage drinking in the pub - the good old days.

I work almost full time so weekday meeting is difficult for me, can do some Fridays though as I work alternate Fridays.

Katie xx

maltesers Thu 21-May-09 11:05:33

ok.... what do you do work wise Katie73 ????

Egg Mon 01-Jun-09 15:38:09

Hi sorry for long delay in coming back to this thread. Just wanted to say Katie I can't do the date you suggested for meeting up as I am at a christening that day but would definitely like to try to meet another time. Will respond properly on here and on FB soon just been manic with some badly behaved DCs lately!

ShannaraTiger Mon 01-Jun-09 15:46:56

Hello have just been onto FB and joined the group.
Sorry I won't be able to make teh meet up on Sunday but I'm doing the race for life in the morning so will probably be collapsed in a heap at home by the afternoon grin Would definately like to do some meet-ups though.
If any one is interedsted I help run a toddler group in Winnall community centre on a Thursday morning, unfortunately not this week due to the election. Anyone is welcome.

ShannaraTiger Mon 01-Jun-09 15:48:05

X-post have a Ds(2) and Dd(5).

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