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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Warwickshire Mums Interested in Chatting???????

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ajknmol Tue 03-May-05 20:40:17

Hi there

I am new to mumsnet but thought i'd give it a go. I would love to meet other mums in the area as i am a SAHM and not from the area originally which means i really don't see anyone from one end of the week to the next. My family all live in ireland and my husbands family are not very close (emotionally) so i thought i had better try something else!!!!! i have a four year old boy and a 20 month old little girl so my days are busy but not as full as they could be. I also worry for my children as i need them to have a little network of pals too. Hope someone out there might like to join us for a stroll in the park or a cup of coffee from time to time. look forward to hearing from you.

LunarSea Wed 04-May-05 09:45:42

Hi. I'm in the Leamington area if that's near you. I work full time though so meetups could only be weekends/evenings, but I'd be happy to do something then if you like - I have a 3.5 year old bou, so he'd probably be into similar activities to yours. Where abouts are you? We do have a semi-regular evening meetup for the Solihull area too if you're not too far away from that.

sarahlou1 Tue 17-May-05 23:14:00

Hi, I'm new to this too, am in Droitwich - only just moved hear a couple of weeks ago - is that anywhere near you? If so would love to meet up! I have a two year old girl.

Pucha Thu 19-May-05 22:07:51

Hello everyone,
I'm new to mumsnet too. I live in Warwick. My daughter is 12 months and I'm expecting a baby boy due in August. I'd love to meet up sometime. My problem is I have no transport, so it'd have to be in Leamington or Warwick.

Pucha Thu 19-May-05 22:21:45

ajknmol_ silly question, what is a SAHM?

sarahlou1 Thu 19-May-05 23:07:52

Hi Pucha - would love to chat or meet up, don't think Leamington or Warwick is too far away as my husband will be working in Leamington & thinks it is maybe 1/2 to 3/4 hour away. I have a car so could come to you if I can find the way!!! Send me a CAT.

p.s. have no idea what SAHM is!!

LunarSea Thu 19-May-05 23:20:32

hi sarahlou1 & pucha - have you also seen this thread about a local evening meetup ? I don't mind doing lifts from Warwick Pucha if you want to go.

Pucha - have a look here too - there was someone else the other day looking for a daytime meetup in the park at Warwick.

Oh and a SAHM is a "stay at home mum".

sarahlou1 Thu 19-May-05 23:23:49

Thanks Lunarsea, have seen that link & although can't make that night would love to in the future.

Pucha Sun 22-May-05 22:57:06

Hello Sarahlou
That'd be good. I don't know what a CAT is, though.
We could meet up in Leamington, there's a shopping mall and many cafes. There's a nice big park too. So we could take our little angels there.

Pucha Sun 22-May-05 23:05:23

Hello Lunarsea,
Thank you for offering a lift. Actually, I'd love to go to the local meetup in June. I've had a look as well at the link you sent me for park walks in warwick. Thank you.

LunarSea Tue 14-Jun-05 15:12:39

Pucha - can you send me a CAT message or email me on gill AT (leave-this-bit-out) gmx DOT co DOT uk if you'd still like a lift to the next local meetup - this Thursday. We've moved it to Solihull now, and I'll be coming through Warwick anyway, so no problem if you want a lift.

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