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Sutton Coldfield (Surrounding Areas) - May/June Girlie Night out

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Ronniebaby Thu 28-Apr-05 16:27:05

Anyone fancy a night out, for the Sutton & surrounding area's.

I live in Tamworth and Sutton is easy for me to get to.

I can also do Birmingham, Great Barr, Walsall etc

Any takers

Lets have some dates and locations for a nice meal and drink (non alcoholic for me)

whimsy Thu 28-Apr-05 19:08:44

I'd be up for it, all places above good for me. Anytime in may or June as long as bump doesn't decide to make an early apperance

nutcracker Thu 28-Apr-05 19:10:15

Me too depending on when as I actually have a curry night with family sometime in May and me birthday in June.

Ronniebaby Thu 28-Apr-05 22:26:26

My birthday is next thursday, but I know its too short notice to arrange something

Nutty let us know when you cant and we can work around then.

Whim How you doing sweetie, coming to my moms tomorw but wont pop in as Nathan has had Gastro and I have it too, certainly dont want to past it on to you, I'll pop in, in about 2 weeks give me chance to get over this bug

Right I can do almost any day except Thursdays and bank holiday whitsun week as I'm away, DH is on a course, but my mother is here so she'll bbsit

LunarSea Fri 29-Apr-05 10:10:54

I could probably make it up to this sort of area if it's somewhere not too hard to find (inner city navigation not being my strongest point!). Wednesday is probably the best day for me, but I could do most nights with enough notice, except 6th May, the days either side of the Bank Holiday weekend or the week 20-24 June.

Ronniebaby Sat 30-Apr-05 00:10:21

LS if you came I would give you very clear directions I'm very Anal like that.

Any other takers???

I know Madame butterfly will prob come, but she's only on once or twice a week.

whimsy Sat 30-Apr-05 17:16:49

As i say, im free most nights. Have we any ideas on venues?
Have a lovely Birthday ronniebaby let me know when you are germ free and i'll pop the kettle on.

Rachee Tue 03-May-05 20:29:05

Hi, just to introduce myself, I am Madame Butterfly's Sister-in-law.... I live in Devon, but go up to see m & d quite often, but will pass messages on to M.Fly as required, if she hasn't already got them....

She would love to come out with you all ! Have Fun X

LunarSea Wed 04-May-05 09:23:30

Hi Rachee. Perhaps one day we'll have a meetup while you're in the area and you can come along too. The more the merrier!

WigWamBam Wed 04-May-05 09:28:32

I may be able to come too, depending on when and where you decide to meet.

whimsy Thu 05-May-05 16:53:03

So any ideas of when and where

Ronniebaby Thu 05-May-05 17:14:10

Are most people in Sutton???

If so make it there, its as good a place as any.

What dates, any suggestions.

WWB - Nutty what dates can you guys do???

I can do most days except Thursdays.

Whimsy - Thanks for the birthday wishes might see you next week??

WigWamBam Thu 05-May-05 17:18:57

I'm theoretically OK most nights, subject to dh not working away (which is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment).

Ronniebaby Fri 06-May-05 12:03:51

Ok lets put a date on the table and see if we can all fit around it.

Are there any preferences, May - end of or June??

whimsy Fri 06-May-05 18:05:40

Any day in May except Bank Holiday. I would prefer may or early June just in case bump arrives early like DS

sallycinnamon Fri 06-May-05 20:44:09

Do you all know each other? Have you met before?

Ronniebaby Fri 06-May-05 21:55:38

SallyC - I know whimsy MBfly, have met WWB once, but that doesnt matter, the whole idea is to get new people to come along and join in the fun

LunarSea Sat 07-May-05 10:39:12

I could do most Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in June, except 30th/31st May and 1st/21st/22nd/27th June.

MadameButterfly Mon 09-May-05 10:16:41

Hi all,

I can do most dates but NOT whit week as we are away in devon (visiting Rachee).

Ronniebaby Mon 09-May-05 16:32:28

I'm away whit week too, so cant do then.

Any suggestions

whimsy Mon 09-May-05 17:23:44

Right, we need to pick a date. As no one has said a day will we say a wednesday then. Which is best for peolpe the 18th or 25th May. 8th or 15th June.
Sorry but cant find diary and have no idea when whit week is, brain is not working

WigWamBam Mon 09-May-05 17:32:16

In theory I could do any of those 4, although I would prefer it not to be the 18th May as it's my dd's birthday the day after and I'll need to get some stuff sorted out. It would depend on whether dh was working away, which I don't know at the moment, but once we have a date I can beg for him to try not to be away for it.

LunarSea Mon 09-May-05 17:39:31

I could probably do any of those 4. 8th or 15th June could be very close to potential June Solihull meetup though.

Whimsy - Whit week is the week 30th May to 3rd June.

whimsy Mon 09-May-05 18:09:53

Thanks LunarSea, thought it might be.
So would the 25th May be a good night?
I can't really say any further into June just in case bump comes early

whimsy Mon 09-May-05 18:15:07

Venue Im not to sure about, have we decided on Sutton. I did a mini meet with MadameButterfly and Ronniebaby once, we went to the Horse and Jockey (I think that's what it was called). Don't really know any more near the town centre Parson and clarke??
Any suggestions?

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