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Any single mums/single mums to be in Cheshunt area?

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juniorandjackie Sun 24-Apr-05 14:04:33

Hi there, is there any single mums or single mums to be in cheshunt area or local who want to meet? im 6 and a half months pregnant, just moved back to the area so dont know many people around.i could do with having a chat and a laugh to cheer me up. Please get in touch.x

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 14:22:37

Hi Jackie,

Im a single mum in Enfield Town and have a 3 yr old lil boy. We've been on our own since my son was 20 mths and dont see my ex anymore. Hope to hear from you soon. I'm sure you'll be find single parenthood isnt as bad as you think.

juniorandjackie Sun 24-Apr-05 14:37:39

Hi thank you for replying, finding it very hard at the moment, my ex has walked out on me for his ex wife. i have just move from up north back down here cause i have no where to live anymore, i had to leave my job and friends up there to be with my parents down in cheshunt so i dont have to cope all on my own. How did you manage on your own?

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 14:57:59

hi there,

Sounds like you've had a rough time, you'll get there. Did you move out of your home and move his ex in? Thats not nice for him to leave you for his ex!

Once you get yourself in a routine everything is fine, i work part time in west end, Mon-Wed and my son goes to day nursery whilst i work, as i dont quite get back for the nursery closing my mum picks him up as most nurseries have a late fine system. I think at mine its £10 for every 15 mins late.

My parents live in Arnos Grove which isnt far from me and i go there most weekends, my son is very close to my family, i also have 2 bruvs which he is very fond of so he has plenty of male figures. Do u think ur ex is going to be in your baby's life? Hope all works out for you x

juniorandjackie Sun 24-Apr-05 16:47:13

we were in rented accomodation, he packed his bags and left and told me to leave to so i did. He hasnt been in contact with me at all since. i dont think he will want to know the baby, he has children with his ex wife who he has being seeing behind my back who he never really saw so why would he bother wanting to see this one? i feel so hurt, and low at the moment, dont really know anybody around here. Do you wish your ex saw your little boy or are you glad he has no contact? Does he ever ask after his dad?

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 17:25:42

Give it time and everything will work out for you im sure. No my lil boy doesnt ask after his dad, we split when he was 20 mths, i doubt he'd know who he was if he saw him now. I have said to him on occasions q's like do you have a dad or would u like a daddy? He answers, no, i've got my grandad, my uncles , my nana, don't need a daddy! Thought it was really sweet. He was watching Lion King the other night, don't know if you've seen the film. Its about a lion cub. Anyway simba's dad was killed in a trampede and Jordan my son said he's ok he's still got his mummy! He only 3, but he knows he's got lots of people around who love him and thats the main thing. I was with my ex for 7 yrs, i tld him to go and leave us alone, he kept on coming home all hrs of the night drunk, drink seemed to be his besty friend. When i moved i changed my mobile no as he kept calling me, he doesnt know where i live now. We're better off without him and certainly don't want him turning up. R u staying with your family at the moment then?

juniorandjackie Sun 24-Apr-05 17:36:04

My ex was like that everynight he had to have quite a few drinks and everytime i questioned him on drinking to much, he would blow his top. i only used to say that because i cared so much about him, always wondered what the drink was doing to him and his liver but he never understood me. im currently staying with my parents until the baby is born, need to sort somewhere to live though cant stay here forever the house isnt big enough for a start. Does the father not pay any maintenance money then? how do you afford to live on your own?

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:32:51


Know wot u mean bout the drinking, my ex had liver poisoning twice cos of drink but still didnt listen - men!!

He paid money for a while but that soon stopped since i contacted CSA, got bit nasty, told CSA to drop it when they phoned me they said government would get the money dont know if you get anything after aq while but couldnt be bothered with agro.

Financially im ok, my son goes to private day nursery 3 days a week which gets paid by child tax credit and i get working tax credit too. I dont get housing or council tax benefity apparantly im earning too much! If they saw what i had left after all my bills and fares to work they wouldnt be saying that!! its ok really but cos of money only go out in eves about twice a month but i do lots of stuff with Jordan during the day. He loves swimming so we go to the toddler swimming sessions on Thursday morns. Do you think your ex will provide for your baby?

juniorandjackie Sun 24-Apr-05 21:01:43

Hi there,
i will somehow make sure he provides for the baby, he wanted this baby as much as me so why shouldnt he provide for it. He has totally screwed up my life, i have nothing now, no home no job, no life basically, sorry to go on but im so hurt and angry at the moment i dont know what to do. You seem happy, im glad life has sorted itself out for you. Have you ever met anyone special in your life since being a single mum? How old are you? Im 28.

honeypot01 Sun 24-Apr-05 21:35:59

hi ya!

Im 27, haven't met anyone special, i go on dates but dont seem to have the time to make the effort as i concentrtae more on making sure Jordan is happy. I wont make it that he's a pain or nuisance as he's a lovely child and i want to put my time into him, but i get so busy that dont have time , would like to thou, but im very picky as have been hurt and dont like to introduce to my son if they're not going to stick around,

juniorandjackie Mon 25-Apr-05 17:02:40

hi honeypot01, what have you been up to today, i havent done a thing, finding it very hard to get out of bed every morning, dont feel i have anything to get up for. Still havent heard anything from the ex, cant believe how hard he is, he has changed into a totally different person.

honeypot01 Mon 25-Apr-05 19:03:27


Im not long in, been at work today. Can you find things to make yourself busy, do u have any friends down here you can pop round to? Sorry you're having such a hard time, once baby's here you wont have time to think about it. were you married to your ex?

juniorandjackie Mon 25-Apr-05 21:58:22

No i wasnt married to him, i wish i were though in a way because at least then i would be entitled to things, i dont think i am not being married to him apart from CSA money, unless you know any different???

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