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Barnsley/Wakefield/Huddersfield - The old thread has gone too quiet.

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Phoenix Wed 08-Apr-09 10:47:41

Thought i'd start a new one cos the old one is pretty dead.

(plus i can get on it from my phone while i'm bored at work. I can't get onto threads that have more than about 300 posts hmm)

Phoenix Thu 09-Apr-09 09:54:35

Well that idea hasn't worked has it? Where are you all?

wotulookinat Thu 09-Apr-09 10:55:36

I'm here. My internet has been cut off sob sob. Will check on using my phone now and again, but it's very expensive. I'm textable though :-)

Friendlypizzaeater Thu 09-Apr-09 21:25:04

Its half term so really really busy smile

be back to normal end of next week .....

wotulookinat Fri 10-Apr-09 12:11:50

Isn't it a 2 week holiday? Are you on six term years?

Friendlypizzaeater Fri 10-Apr-09 15:38:41

Yes its a 2 week hols, one week down grin

wotulookinat Mon 13-Apr-09 18:33:51

I'm so glad the weekend gave us some lovely weather. My parents have been up and it's been sooo nice. They're going tomorrow though sad

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 18:55:18

Afternoon all.
This seems like a nice thread so wondered if i could join in?

i am from barnsley and i am acctully TTC atm.

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 18:57:17

Hi Wot you back online?

Hi Kay, welcome to the thread. I'm in Barnsley. Have a 3yr old boy and a baby due in July.

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 18:59:48

hey Phoenix aww concratulations what are you having??

trace2 Mon 13-Apr-09 19:01:06

hi kay welcome am from royston, barnsley have two older children then jack 6 y and chloe 2 in june.

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 19:01:55

Hi not 100% possibly a boy. Having a 4d scan on saturday to make sure lol.

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:03:09

hey trace2 thankQ. awww i cant wait till i finally have baby. it seems like av been TTC for ages. sad

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:04:29

Phoenix: wow they are relly good are 4D scans. my friend has had one.

trace2 Mon 13-Apr-09 19:05:57

oh the ttc days thats when you have all the funwink

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 19:07:32

I've been there Kay. We were trying years for ds and quite a while for this one.

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:07:54

i know lol but after 10month of it you start to feel really sad and envy as if it will never happen.

trace2 Mon 13-Apr-09 19:12:21

me too took 4 years with chloe!

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:14:23

i have been thinking about going to the docters or trying somrthing called FertilityAid from america. but am not sure yet weather i should.

trace2 Mon 13-Apr-09 19:15:48

i had a drug called clomid but you need to being trying for over a year. but it worked for me grin

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:16:48

how long had you been takeing it before it worked?? if you dont mind me asking.

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 19:17:29

I would go to the docs rather than try something you have no idea about. We had all fertility tests etc and they're not the best thing but in the end (after clomid) we got our son and have a baby on the way.

Kay4MattTTC Mon 13-Apr-09 19:20:05

how long had you been taking it for??
and how long do you recomend i leave it before going to the docters.

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 19:20:10

It took 4 cycles for ds and happened on 1st cycle with this one. You need to go to GP first and they will refer you to gynae if required.

Phoenix Mon 13-Apr-09 19:21:17

You could go now to get the ball rolling if it's been 10 months or wait til its been over a year, up to you really.

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