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For the 602392423th time - anyone in or near Wellingborough.......

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Gwenick Fri 22-Apr-05 17:04:11

Asked before and didn't really get any 'solid' responses - does anyone live near by and like to meet up for a coffee - PLEASE?????


Gwenick Fri 22-Apr-05 17:13:46


hunkermunker Fri 22-Apr-05 17:18:09

Aw hun - I wish I did I'd like to meet up with you!

Gwenick Fri 22-Apr-05 17:36:56

I'd like to meet you too - see the 'who would you like to meet thread )

anyone else live close???

Gwenick Fri 22-Apr-05 21:25:51

bumpy bump

chelle1974 Fri 29-Apr-05 07:35:48

Hi, Do you mean Wellingborough in Northants?
If so, i live in Northampton so not too far from you, I have an 18mth girl who is such a terror at the mo, contact me if you would like a chat and meet for coffee.

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