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NORFOLK PEOPLE FANCY A NIGHT OUT??????????????????????????????

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louee Thu 21-Apr-05 20:51:40

Ok here goes as alot of us norfolk people couldn't make it last time due to the horrible "virus" about,Iwas wondering if anyone needed to get out one night for a drink and a chat? Yes i know i started the other thread about monsters meet up and couldn't go (Ds Dd and i were all struck with virus) but thanks to all those that did go i think it was a success!!!! so who's up for it???????????

Detta Fri 22-Apr-05 21:43:40

Count me in - anywhere particular in mind? I'm north of norwich.

louee Sat 23-Apr-05 20:51:18

anyone else? by the way im south of norwich

mememum Sat 23-Apr-05 21:02:06

I would love to meet up with some mums in Norwich for a drink. I haven't met anyone from mumsnet yet so would you mind a newbie joining you? Louee my family had that virus and I was 6/7 months pregnant at the time, god it was awful! I'm near to Dereham but can easily get to Norwich.
Hope everyone is well.

zebraX Sat 23-Apr-05 21:04:57

If it's in Norwich & not too far from the train station I might go...
I am hideously over-comitted with other things at the moment, but could do a Friday/Sat/Sun eve, if not too late.

louee Sun 24-Apr-05 08:37:30

yeah sure zebrax we will all make arrangements to suit each other.mememum thanks for the concern i know how bad it was with me ill but being pregnant must have been awful!!!!! by the way im 28 and have Dd aged 4 and Ds aged 19 months!!!!

mememum Sun 24-Apr-05 10:29:06

My mind has gone completely blank of where would be nice to go for a drink and a chat! I'm 24 and have 2 DD's. One is 22 months and the second is 7 weeks. Thats probably the reason why my mind is blank most of the time

louee Sun 24-Apr-05 10:32:18

the new orleans opposite norwich train station 9nect to cinema) is pretty central for norwich and easy access ie car park, train station, good idea for all so far???????

louee Sun 24-Apr-05 14:13:33


zebraX Sun 24-Apr-05 20:28:22

When I'm cycling down P' of Wales Rd. on Tues & Weds I will have a look for somewhere good.

mememum Sun 24-Apr-05 20:45:31

Riverside and Prince of Wales are good for me. Haven't been to New Orleans in ages. Am I right in remembering they do lovely cocktails!!!

louee Mon 25-Apr-05 14:18:08

okies zebrax, have you been in new orleans? mememum not sure if they do cocktails probably if you think they do,will have to try them all if they do!!!!!!! c'mon anyone else want to come out for a night without the kiddies????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

zebraX Mon 25-Apr-05 18:59:57

New Orleans sounds ok... not very smokey, is it? My smokey pub days are too far behind me. I wonder if I can coax Throckenholt to come along... (come 'on, you have to escape the building site sometime!!). Understand I'll be yawning by 8:30pm, so I won't stay that late.

A friday? When suits you, Louee?

mememum Tue 26-Apr-05 20:47:46

Louee, you sound like a girl after my own heart! Spoke to a non mummy friend today and a yes to the cocktails! From what I remember its not too smoky zebraX.

louee Thu 28-Apr-05 10:00:06

fridays are ok for me providing Dh not working,
mememum cocktails are on{grin}
zebrax last time i went in it wasn't smokey and by the way i don't smoke either
would be good to get throckenholt to come along too and maybe a few more?????????????????????????

zebraX Thu 28-Apr-05 12:49:23

There's that long list of people... Seashells? carly22...

Spagblog, Fimbo, Lowryn, pipkin....

you gals can't escape me, The Zebra Will Find YOU...

Louee, just suggest some dates. Friday or maybe Saturday eve. would suit me best.

louee Wed 04-May-05 13:20:52

Hi thought i'd better come and check on this at the mo its a nightmare Ds age 19 months has ear infection in both ears and tonsillitus so been too busy to come on,will try and get back on in the next day or so but meanwhile WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!

zebraX Thu 05-May-05 19:20:51

I think I can coax T'holt, out... get back to us when you think you can suggest a date.

mumfor1sttime Sat 07-May-05 20:50:36

Hi am from Norwich I know all the places to go!! I have been to most clubs and pubs in Norwich. Sounds like you lot need a good night out!!!!!! Best place I know is called Shie which is at Tombland, very classy pub and very relaxing. I am ofte out in the city, possibly 2or 3 times a month so I Can meet up any time. By the way me ds is 17wks!

mumfor1sttime Sat 07-May-05 20:51:24

I meant shine not shie!!

mememum Sun 08-May-05 18:24:26

Mumfor1sttime, you sound like the girl in the know! A classy place sounds lovely, and I know I need a good night out! Anytime is fine, just need to find a date suitable for everyone!

mumfor1sttime Wed 11-May-05 08:40:29

I know its difficult to arrange times to meet up, shall I suggest a date?Can anyone do fri 17th June? Could meet up at Tombland.
I am very in the know as I have lived i the City for 9 years and had many nights out! I am quite lucky as my dh works 9 to 5, monday to friday, I also know how to go out on a shoe string!!!Be good to make some new friends.

zebraX Sat 14-May-05 10:01:15

I can do Fri. 17th June. Tholt? Louee? Seashells?

mememum Mon 16-May-05 12:39:08

Friday 17th of june is great for me. Hope everyone is keeping well.

Triggerhappy Tue 17-May-05 08:45:07

have a great time, everyone, I have had some top nights out in Norwich, when I had money LOL!

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