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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Liverpool/North-West meet-up

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eyelash Sat 12-Apr-03 22:46:52

Anybody fancy meeting up for a coffee/lunch/playtime with/without kids - I have 2 ds - age 3 years and 10 months. I am surprised how nervous I am doing this!

leander Sat 12-Apr-03 23:16:14

Hi eyelash,I'm up for a meet-up,there are quite a few n/west mums on here i think.I'm in Liverpool with a 15 mth ds.

chatee Sun 13-Apr-03 09:19:13

I'm in the north west(just)but would love to meet up-don't think many of us mumsnetters up here in north cumbria but i can come down to liverpool/surrounding area no problem.

woozle Sun 13-Apr-03 09:52:51

That woule be great. I'm up to my eyes in baby vomit and illness at the moment (see seperate thread).

I'm in Liverpool and I know that Ali P is in the Sefton area so that's 2 more and we're busy recruiting other mums (to be at the moment) all the time.

I work full time but can always arrange a day off or a luchtime/coffee break meeting to join you.

Thanks for the idea eyelash. I tried to find other northwesterners a month or so ago but only managed to raise one other so you're already doing better than me!!

doormat Sun 13-Apr-03 11:42:59

Hello, Good idea eyelash, I live in Wirral. I'm up for a meet-up.

ninja Sun 13-Apr-03 16:14:27

Hi - are pg mums to be included in this? - I'm just north of Manchester but near to the M62 and travel well!

Empress Sun 13-Apr-03 18:45:37

I'd like to come along if its in manchester and on a thurs/fri or sat afternoon.

Zoe Sun 13-Apr-03 19:39:19

I can come - with or without ds - I'm in the Manchester/Cheshire area - well done for being brave eyelash!

eyelash Mon 14-Apr-03 16:29:34

Looks like we have lots of takers. Not sure how to organise it now. As I am new to the area, can anybody suggest a mid-Liverpool/Manchester place. I have a (very) slight preference to meeting without children, in which case I am happy to meet in Liverpool, Manchester, or somewhere in between, but it would have to be in the evening, or on a Saturday. If we are to meet with children, again happy to travel, but would def like a very child-friendly area - my suggestion for Liverpool would have been Calderstones Park, but is there anywhere suitable in easy travelling distance for everybody. As for dates, I am free during the week for May, and on the 1st and 3rd weekend. Over to you!

chatee Mon 14-Apr-03 19:23:22

I don't mind with or without ch/n,what about Warrington?
with ch/n there is Walton Gardens(fingers crossed for a nice day!!!) or there are plenty of pubs with play places that are just off the motorway, so are easy to find
without ch/n-how about ten pin bowling??

Quite easy about dates during May just fire them at me

Hales Mon 14-Apr-03 20:40:48

I'm just south of Preston and have a friend in Woollton in Liverpool..could we join too?
We are both teachers so are restricted by weekends or school hols.

woozle Tue 15-Apr-03 22:28:02

Eyelash - just a quick post to say I haven't forgotten about this thread. I'm away "down south" at the moment so will check diary and DH's schedule after Easter.

I think I share your slight preference for a meeting without children it's probably a better way of getting to know each other.

Hope to speak to you soon

leander Tue 15-Apr-03 23:53:00

I agree with Woozle that without kids we could probably get to know each other better.A weekend would be better for me as I work every eve in the week.I would prefer Liverpool but will go with the flow for location.

AliP Thu 17-Apr-03 21:49:34

I'd love to meet up - currently 7 months pg and can meet anywhere Liverpool/Manchester. Good to find people locally (already knew Woozle - I must reward her for her introduction to this site!)

ninja Fri 18-Apr-03 20:47:08

warrington sounds middleish - since I'm 37 weeks I may or may not be able to go but if you do it again.... It'd be good to get to know people with kids

summ1 Sat 19-Apr-03 13:39:16

Hi guys! I am new to this site & am looking for any advice & info that can be offered to me!

My story so far: I am relocating to Wallasey, Merseyside hopefully by 2nd May with my husband and 3 year old son I am due on 15th May with my second and although I have done some research about the area I would love to find out about good doctors surgeries in the area (if any one knows it or has contact with the area) hospitals, as im cutting it fine with my due date!! also some nurserys to get my son settled into as soon as possible. Any info or advice would be much appreciated as i also have no family network to link up with!

eyelash Sun 20-Apr-03 15:17:28

Summ1 - we recently moved as well. We didn't have any recommendations but our then family doctor suggested we ring all local surgeries and find out which one was a training surgery for new GPs. Seemingly NHS only classify the top 10% of surgeries as a training surgery so a sign of quality. Certainly worked for us. Also look at opening hours, availability of female doctors, and emergency cover. We registered with the first dentist that took NHS clients, and so far so good.

Fantastic responce to meet-up suggestion. To take the meet-up forward I have made a number of suggestions just to get the ball rolling. But easy with the majority decision.
I have just checked back on all the messages and it seems like the majority of us are actually in Liverpool. If the Mancunians don't mind can I suggest a Liverpool meet-up, and hope the mums from Preston and Cumbria can make it as well. If a success, we could then rotate it on a geographical basis.
Could we also make the first without children - stressful enough meeting new people without having to chase/tend to ds/dd. The last thing you want to remember is the sight of my bum as I chase after my two.
Finally, can I suggest a Saturday morning in centre of Liverpool, if everybody can get access to childcare (my dh has kids on Saturday morning so only a suggestion as this obviously suits me). Alternatively we could meet in evening but v difficult for me as still bfing ds2 to sleep. Obviously I can meet up any daytime with children.
If all the above is ok - and miracle if it is - can anybody make the 4th or 18th May. Not sure about venues but those more established may have a better idea. Any nice relaxed coffee shops in town?

Giggler Sun 20-Apr-03 19:18:25

Hi - sorry can't make it to Liverpool eyelash - too far for us, but I need some advice from someone who knows Manchester...

I have 2 HOURS in Manchester with a friend (OK I admit it, an ex), whom I haven't seen for over 10 yrs. He is currently living in NZ, so it's my only opportunity to catch up. Problem have got my two bouncy boys (3.5 and 5.5) with me, and they'll be straight from a 2-hr train journey. Can anyone suggest a venue nr the station where they can have a bit of freedom/some interest, whilst we can chat. My map has a park marked - Piccadilly gardens? Is this a nice place, or not? What about the City art gallery - ds1 loves art, but I can't find anything on the web telling me what's in there. And is it really child-friendly?

Empress Sun 20-Apr-03 19:34:16

Good on you Eyelash! I could make Liverpool, first sat in may but its 3rd, not 4th - did you mean Sunday? (I can't do sundays!)I'd be coming by train so nice coffee place by the station wd be handy, but i'm open to suggestions from anyone who knows the place better than I do!Hope you 7 evryone else having a good easter btw!

chatee Sun 20-Apr-03 20:00:03

liverpool is fine with me and without ch/n suits me, not sure about the 4th but can confirm in a couple of days.....18th is fine though.....well done eyelash for organising.

eyelash Sun 20-Apr-03 22:58:15

Sorry - yes the dates should be Saturday the 3rd and 17th!

leander Tue 22-Apr-03 00:29:47

I am definately going to make the meetup this time. Any Sat is good for me but dont know any nice coffee shops only rowdy pubs!!!!!!!

eyelash Tue 22-Apr-03 16:06:49

Leander - you were up late weren't you.

Some of us can at least make either of the two Saturdays - lets see if any more reply before taking a final decision.

My dh recommended the Costa coffee shop in Waterstones on Bold Street as it is pretty spacious and has comfy seating, so we could do that in the morning. Or following Leander's suggestion do a pub closer to lunchtime. But names of pubs (rowdy or otherwise) needed. I can't help as new to Liverpool drinking/nightlife and as bf still, can only have one/two drinks.

Zoe Tue 22-Apr-03 16:36:37

Sorry Eyelash, i can't make either of those

Giggler, Piccadilly Gardens is a concrete plaza - there's fountains and stuff but not a lot to keep little 'uns entertained! Why not pop into a cab at the station and ask them to take you to the Museum of Science and Industry (a bit far to walk from Piccadilly IMHO)- you and your friend can talk and the kids will have a nice time looking at stuff - there's an interactive area and a nice cafe I think, I'm sure they'll have a website.

If I think of anywhere else I'll come back to you

AliP Tue 22-Apr-03 18:01:21

Life cafe (bold st) is really nice and does both coffee or alcohol as required, there is both a bar area and a restuarant area so whatever people are after and its a good mix of food - its near to Central station and fairly central to all the shops. Costa in Waterstones is nice but it is often hard to grab seats, but is only over the road from Life.

I can do either 3rd or 17th so pick a date & well done for puching us forward! (I'll be the one waddling in!)

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